Managing Millennials – It Starts with the Interview

The Problemmanaging millennials

Nobody ever said managing millennials would be easy. In fact when millennials (or anyone) leaves an organization it’s just like losing a deal in sales. Somewhere in the process you or the hiring manager, did not do enough.

  1. You failed on your Qual Calls and Discovery Calls.
  2. You failed to set and manage your prospects expectations properly.
  3. You failed to secure buy-in from an executive sponsor.

In short, you got happy ears, heard what you wanted to hear, took short-cuts and hoped for the best. And now you are “shocked” when something unexpected happens 6 months later. When managing millennials (or anyone) it is your job to be prepared for the unexpected!


  1. Do your own research. Look at their LinkedIn Profile. Come up with 1-2 questions from that profile that shows you did your research on them like you expect them to do on you. If not, #managingmillenials #interviewfail
  2. During the interview process  explain to them the role they are taking is something you expect them to do for 12-18 months. Did they agree? If not, #managingmillenials #interviewfail
  3. Confirm with them verbally and by looking them in the eyes if this meets their expectations. If not, then you need to have a deeper discussion and give more thought to this person. #managingmillenials #interviewfail
  4. When managing millennials they are often looking for someone to mentor them. This is huge. It means loyalty, respect, and long term success if done right. Here is what I say to people when they ask me about my management style;As your manager I want nothing but the best and success for you. I will teach you how to be great at this job but hopefully things that you can carry for the rest of their career and in life. I will never want to stand in the way of your career and will do whatever I can to help you reach your professional goals. There will be times where we might not agree but in the end my hope is that you understand why my opinion is different from yours. #managingmillennials 


Hiring is critical for any organization for any role however given all the discussion around managing millennials of late you better have a game plan. My recommendation to everyone you should take 15 minutes and map out your game plan and strategy. If you know you or your organization is having trouble managing millennails understand what those challenges are and be prepared to address them head on during the interview process. I have interviewed over 1,000 people in my career and I can tell you that you can never over prepare. Remember you are selling them on your style and approach as well as your organization as much as they are selling you on hiring them.

How do you manage millennials when going through the interview process?

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