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4 Lessons I Wish My Sales Manager Had Taught Me

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Sales leadership always has the best of intentions. And sometimes, even those intentions don't always give you some of the extra knowledge we would like.

This on-demand  session will give you insights into 4 areas you wish they had taught you.


Cynthia Barnes

Kevin 'KD' Dorsey

Founder & CEO, National Association of Women Sales Professionals

VP Sales, PatientPop

Larry Long Jr

Sarah Brazier

Director of Collegiate Sales,


Account Executive,


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Moderated By

Tim Clarke

Senior Director Marketing, Salesforce

Key Takeaways

Navigate Towards Leadership

Build a Strong Sales Culture

Continue to Self-Educate

Level Up Your Career

How to navigate a path towards management & leadership.

How to build a strong sales culture that includes diversity and inclusivity.

How to continue to self-educate while leading others.

How to get a raise, promotion, training & additional responsibilities.


Get insights into 4 areas you wish sales leaders had taught you.

Join us on Tuesday, March 23 at 9am PT/12pm ET.

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