5 Reasons Dreamforce Leads Do Not Call Back

dreamforce leadsAt The Harris Consulting Group our clients are always asking us for help with some part of their lead generation strategy. In fact, one of the most frequently asked questions we get is: “How can we get better response from the leads we get at trade shows?”

Since we are now a month removed from Dreamforce we thought we would approach this topic with real world practicality. Dreamforce is over and you’ve loaded all your leads into your CRM and you have handed them to your reps. Now, you expect that your pipeline would start growing quickly. Yet, when you look, there really is not much there to see.

POP QUIZ – Before continuing, take 10 seconds, be honest, on a scale of 1-10, how do you think you rank your execution for following up on your Dreamforce (insert your own industry event) leads? 1 = Horrible, 10 = Spectacular

You ask your sales leaders to explain and the “Excuse Factory” starts pumping out all the oldies and the goodies.”It takes time, people just got back, still haven’t settled in themselves.”

1. “It takes time, people just got back.”
2. “Hey, it’s about the long tail.”
3. “Let’s not forget the big picture.” And my favorite.
4. “Yeah, but so-and-so came by and they are going to close.”

While all of these statements hold some truth, they are really a smoke screen to hide a much bigger signal you are not seeing. While each of these topics could be their own post we feel it’s better to provide a list and let people determine which one speaks to them the most

1. No Written Plan – You have no written plan for what to do with leads from Dreamforce. Sorry but just putting them into your CRM and assigning by territory, vertical, or role does not constitute a plan. Nope, not even a little bit.

2. Bad Lead Delegation  A close cousin to #1 but not exactly the same. You give your Enterprise Sales Team. This is not a slight against anyone in closing roles, in fact, it’s the opposite, it’s a comment directed at giving closers real support. Asking your “closers”, typically a more expensive resource to do do lead generation is a very expensive strategy and here is why:

a. They do not like doing Lead Gen
b. They are not motivated by making 5-7 emails/ phone calls per lead.
c. They  are better motivated by working and teaching a Lead Gen Rep how to best prospect. Think delegation and autonomy.

3. Lead Cherry Picking – You let some group (marketing/sales) cherry pick only the leads they want. What this really means is that there should be a plan of attack for all leads. Lead scoring or prioritization along with thoughtful planning. If you do not have a written plan (See #1)

4. Horrible Post Even Voicemail Messaging – And by horrible, I mean, really, Really, REALLY bad. Here is an example of a voicemail I got right after Dreamforce this year:

Hi Richard, 

This is _____ with ______. I hope you are doing well. I was giving you a call in regards to dreamforce and your stop by the salesfusion booth and wanted to see if we can answer any additional questions you may have around marketing automation. You can reach me any time. My direct phone number which is going to be 404___ – _____. Again it’s _____ with _____ and that number is 404___ – _____. I hope to speak with you soon. 

5. Horrible Post Event Email Messaging – Very similar to #4 but must be called out because it is a different medium. I’ve gotten so many of these that I think if I lined them up  next to each other I may actually reach the end of the internet.  Whether its voicemails or emails please do the following:

a. Be brief – 6-7 sentences, 150 words tops.
b. Be specific in your messaging.
c. Be about me and my problems, not about you and your fabulous sliced bread.
d. Give me a compelling reason to make me respond.

Let’s remember merely going to an event, gathering leads and putting them into your CRM is just a small part of the overall lead gen / demand gen strategy.  Have a plan for execution, write it down, properly score and assign the leads and finally have solid messaging so you do not sound just like every other person out there including your competitor.

POP QUIZ – Take 10 seconds, be honest, on a scale of 1-10, how do you think you rank your execution for following up on your Dreamforce (insert your own industry event) leads?
1 = Horrible, 10 = Spectacular

How do  your numbers compare from before?

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