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Based in revitalized downtown Oakland, California, is the baby registry that lets you create the ultimate baby registry by aggregating everything a new mom would need — from that cute handmade mobile you saw on Etsy to your baby diapers.

How We Helped

Creator, Natalie Gordon, was pregnant with her son and couldn’t find a baby registry that suited her needs. She wanted a place where she could register for frozen meals, pet sitting for her German Shepherd, and an eco-friendly diaper service along with all other things baby. So, she took things into her own hands and created a better online baby registry. enlisted The Harris Consulting Group for sales training and to address the specific need for guidance on their sales process.

What Says

When we explained our sales process, Richard knew exactly what we were missing. He taught us the value of a sales process and each step, explaining the psychology behind every word, and practiced with us until we got it perfect. We’ve doubled our business as a result.

Brittany Murlas

Director of Marketing and Business Development

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Customized To Fit Your Needs

We understand each company has different pains. That’s why we offer customized training to help you with specific needs.