What Makes a Good Sales Kickoff?

It’s that time of year. That time when everything you’ve been planning for either happens or it doesn’t. And on top of that, it’s time to start planning for next year, which for many businesses means planning a sales kickoff event (SKO).   […]


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Metrics and KPIs there is a difference

Why deals are stuck in the middle of your pipeline. I recently read the HBR article on Dismantling the Sales Machine. In addition to being accurate its timing is perfect. We all know the next five weeks are going to be a mad scramble to close business so I thought I would peel back the layers of the onion and provide additional insight. One of the biggest challenges I see with all sales teams including inside sales teams and field sales teams are the deals stuck in the pipeline. For some reason a sales rep feels the prospect was interested, and now the rep is afraid anything they do will cause them to lose a [...]

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