Diary of Wimpy Sales Reps

Wimpy Sales RepIf you are like us there are certain things we hear sales reps say day in and day out that drive us nuts.We talk to sales leaders all the time and every time we mention this they agree. When we ask them if they say anything to their reps about it their response is almost always, “No”. We call this wimpy sales rep syndrome

We then ask them, well whose fault is that they keep saying it then? We remind them that sales is a drug. One we are addicted to. Some love the thrill of the kill, others love the pace of the chase.

No matter which one you or your team members are, there is one thing you must not be…an enabler. The new hot phrase is “sales enablement”. You must remember you can enable good behaviors as much as you can bad ones.

Get rid of these words and phrases from your teams’ vocabulary immediately!!

  1. “Hi, I’m checking in on that proposal I sent?” (What they hear… you begging)
  2. “Hi, I was just touching base on our conversation last week.” (What they hear… you having nothing important to say)
  3. “Hi, I wanted to reach out.” (What they hear…you are desperate)
  4. “Hi, I was hoping.” (What they smell…blood in the water)
  5. “Would it be possible…?” (What they hear… you are at your weakest point and now they can twist your arm on price.)


Tips to help make it stop:

  1. I have a client in Austin, Texsas. Every time someone hears their team member use weak words and phrases they have to put $1 in the jar. They eventually take the money and go to happy hour.
  2. I once ran a team in Boston. Every time someone used weak words they had to put hang a Yankees sticker in their cube. If you know folks from Boston, you know how much they LOVED that.

We would love to hear other weak words and phrases you would like your teams’ to stop using as well as the best ways you’ve helped get them out of your teams’ lexicon.

If you want to know what your wimpy sales reps should be saying contact us.


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