Inside Sales Leader Richard Harris Podcast with Conversature

So thrilled and excited when Conversature asked The Harris Consulting Group to do a podcast. Of course we said yes! Here are a few topics we covered.

  • Why “sales tools” and software are critical, but are worthless without one key element in place
  • How companies can train young 20-somethings and millennials to effectively sell to experienced, senior executives in their 40s and 50s
  • The three most critical elements to an effective inside sales training program (without which, will lead to no improvement and a lot of wasted money)
  • The most dangerous and expensive mistakes senior leaders make in training and coaching their inside sales reps
  • The key elements to consider in evaluating sales training firms, and how to know when you should hire one vs. having an internal one
  • How to bridge the gap between sales and marketing with an “SLA,”and what that specifically looks like


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