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Ever felt like the underdog in the sales conversation?

You know the pains.

You know the pitch.

And yet your prospects and customers are taking an aggressive tone?

The ability to recognize and communicate to that particular individual based on their personality is the next level of sales skills.

Until now.

This course will teach you:

How to read someone's personality in 90 seconds or less simply by looking at their face live or even in a photograph.

You will learn how to better position your value based on how that individual wants to hear it. For example:

  • People with high ears prefer speedy decisions
  • People with low ears prefer taking their time
  • People with pointy arc eyebrows need to evaluate things carefully
  • People with straight eyebrows bullet points

This program includes self-paced courses and regular live coaching sessions with Susan and Richard. 

We've partnered with Susan Ibitz of Human Behavior Lab and built a program to improve your sales skills. 


Who is Susan Ibitz?

Susan has been featured in Forbes, The Chicago Tribune, and others. She spent years as a political consultant and now trains SWAT teams and helps with de-esclation strategies. She works with lawyers on jury selection and deception section. And now she is parenting with The Harris Consulting Group to help improve your sales skills.

Who is Richard Harris?

Named by Salesforce as a top Sales Influencer to follow in 2021 and 2022 a 5x winner Top 25 Inside Sales Leader by the American Association of Inside Sales Richard brings a realistic approach to sales training. He teaches sales people how to earn the right to ask questions, which questions to ask and when to do it in a relaxed and conversation way. The moment Susan approached us with the idea of combining forces, we were sold. 

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