Your complete guide from application to interview to negotiating salary.

Learn how to navigate the hiring process, get short-listed into the second round of interviews and, not only score a job, but help you score more job offers, giving you the leverage you need to land your ideal role.

This book uses real-life examples that have been tried and true methods Richard and his team use and train on. Get ahead of the curve.

Pay what you want!


What Readers Are Saying


Let's start this review by saying, that like a lot of others, I found myself unemployed during the pandemic. Great!

This book (and some additional resources) were instrumental in landing my dream job just over 3 weeks ago. Simple to read and easier to implement. If you are a job seeker who wants to do something different and avoid the job hunting bull$#!t, Do yourself a favor and check it out!

It has resources for landing a job without ever applying (IT WORKS), navigating the interview process, negotiating and getting the job!

In 90 days, I did nearly 40 interviews w/ 10 different companies, increased my salary 43%, secured a 3 month OTE guarantee and extra vacation days. BOOM!



Richard has condensed the interview process into an easy and understandable concept. The "funnel" and stage milestones are second nature to sales; however, the prescriptive message gave a motivating, simplifying clarity, preparedness, and mindset.

I appreciate the fresh perspective.



Richard's Methods Work!

Interviewing is a learned skill and there are no second chances to make a great first impression. A top-notch cover letter and resume aren’t enough to secure an offer.

Richard’s methods work - what and how to say it as well as mindset. It’s a must-read for all job seekers, regardless of industry.

Since picking up Richard’s book and his teachings, I’ve jumped the line, gone through the interview process faster and further. It won’t be long until I stand out and get hired for my ideal role and company. Invest in yourself and your career by picking this up today!



Making Your Job Search Easy

Richard, does a great job of really simplifying the process of owning your job search. From his tips to tricks they all seem so easy to follow- I'm not in sales but you can use these steps! Very easy to read, great templates to use, and follow. Richard is very knowledgeable and I highly recommend that you get this!





I love this: it’s bold. This method can be tweaked for a non-sales role too by positioning more broadly around business problems the hiring manager is looking to solve with this particular role. Great share, thank you!

As a 2020 grad hoping to step into my first full-time sales job, these questions will definitely help me vet the situation I’d be getting into a lot more effectively.

As a student and in the midst of interviews, this is definitely helpful. I never thought of it this way! Thanks for sharing.





How The Process Works

Get more interviews


Learn how to position yourself, prepare, and navigate the entire interview process in order to get to step 2.

Make it to the next round


Get the secret sauce in order to make it to the next round of interviews and what questions you should be asked to get short-listed.

Navigate multiple interviews & offers


Understand how to navigate multiple offers and timelines when you have several offers coming your way, all without the anxiety.

Handle the 30-60-90 day plan


Make sure you know how to navigate negotiating and establishing benefits, salary, and the 30-60-90 day plan.

Get your dream job


The hiring process isn't easy, but by following the advice in this book, you'll be able to achieve your dreams much quicker!


Richard Harris

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