Terminus– As the Account Based Marketing, Account Based Sales, and Account Based Everything continues
to grow. Richard was very eager and excited to work with Terminus which is based out of
Atlanta, Georgia. Terminus is the first Account-Based Marketing platform that enables B2B marketers to target best-fit accounts, engage decision makers on their terms, and accelerate marketing & sales pipeline velocity at scale.

Richard first met Tonni Bennett, VP of Sales for Terminus, at a sales panel sponsored by SalesLoft in 2015 during Salesforce.com’s Dreamforce 2015 customer event. The next year at a panel for Sales Hacker, Richard was asked to help level set the Terminus’s sales team.

Terminus’ sales team was comprised of many different levels of sales experience and Tonni wanted to provide the sales team with support for the new members of the team while also refortifying the foundations for the senior members.  Richard and the Harris Consulting Group focused the energy and their time during the sales training on customizing a sales strategy specific for Terminus.  This included the creation of real playing and role playing specific tactical scripts and language that their sales reps could use on daily basis.

Topics included Respect ContractTM, The Buyers’ Journey, Cowardly Crossroads, Stop Talking Past The Close, and many more. Each topic was covered briefly in theory and then in depth with “How does that sound in a Terminus sales conversation?”  As with all Harris Consulting Group clients, the sales training was a mixture of strategic and tactical exercises that make it easy for sales reps to understand, remember, and execute consistently even after training is done.

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