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Top Sales Strategies Your Team Should Be Using in 2022

Face-to-face to Zoom and now to hybrid. How are sales strategies and techniques changing in 2022?

Understanding the difference between sales strategy, sales process, and sales execution is critical. This masterclass brings together the minds of some of the greatest sales influencers on prospecting, discovery, social selling, negotiation, and closing in a single session.  

Join us on July 14th at 11am PDT/2pm EDT/6pm GMT.

John Barrows

Anita Nielsen

President & Owner

at LDK Advisory Services


at JBarrows Sales Training

Ali Powell

Alex Alleyne

Strategic Account Executive

at Terminus

Regional Sales Manager at Lacework and Founder & Head Coach at Elite Level Academy

Daniel Disney

Joann Emale

International SKO & Keynote Speaker, LinkedIn & Social Selling Trainer, 2 X LinkedIn Author, and Strategic Advisor

Influencer Marketing Manager, Salesforce


What You Will Learn

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What has changed in 2022

The one thing everyone should get better at to reach the next level

If sales strategies don't start with sales, what does it start with?

Top Sales Strategies Your Team Should Be Using in 2022

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