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How to De-Risk Your Forecast and What Makes Your Deals Slip

Richard Harris

Founder of


Everything looks pretty good up until the middle of the quarter, but then it all evaporates. Deals slip and fail to close. What are the root causes and how do you solve it?

Tony Hughes is the author of The Joshua Principle, Combo Prospecting, and Tech Powered Sales. He has been CEO for Asia Pacific for Multinationals and a Sales Director for public corporations. He's got something to say and we all need to listen.

Key Takeaways:

  • 3 Reasons A Deal Pushes and Dies
  • What Leaders Should Manage Specifically
  • What Leaders Should Coach Their Teams on Better

Scott Leese

CEO & Founder of

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Tony Hughes

Author, Keynote Speaker and B2B Sales Trainer



Richard Harris

Founder of The Harris Consulting Group LLC

Richard Harris brings 20+ years of sales and Saas experience to the table in his work as an advisor and consultant. His focus is on a more relaxed conversational selling style that helps people go from strangers to acquaintances to trusted business allies.

The goal of Richard's training is to get people to stop talking about what they do and get them to start talking about the pains they solve. Clients and experiences include: Gainsight, PagerDuty, Zoom, Mashery, Gurtin, TopOpps, LevelEleven, SocialChorus, OutboundEngine, and Spanning.

Richard has been named a Top 25 Inside Sales Professional by the American Association of Inside Sales for the last 3 years. As well as a Top 10 Sales Development Leader as voted by Inside Sales and Sales Hacker.

Scott Leese

CEO & Founder of Scott Leese Consulting and Surf & Sales

Scott Leese is a 3x American Association of Inside Sales Professionals Top 25 Award Winner, and one of the top startup sales leaders in the country. Through domestic and international consulting, he has trained an army of salespeople thousands strong. 

Leese puts his nearly two decades of sales and leadership experience to use as the CEO & Founder of both Scott Leese Consulting, LLC; and Surf & Sales. A highly sought-after consultant, advisor, leader, and sales trainer, Leese has a proven record of success building and scaling businesses from the ground up.

He lives in Austin, Texas, with his wife, Janet; their two sons, Brayden and Caleb; and the family dogs, Loki and Mia.

Tony Hughes

Author, Keynote Speaker and B2B Sales Trainer

Tony is an international keynote speaker, best-selling author, professional selling educator, award-winning blogger and the most read LinkedIn Author globally on the topic of B2B sales leadership. He is co-founder of Sales IQ Global and also ranked by Top Sales Magazine as the most influential person for professional selling in Asia-Pacific.

With 35 years of sales and business leadership experience, Tony is an experienced CEO and company director having served as Director of Sales for public corporations and as the Asia-pacific Managing Director for a number of tier-one global technology companies. He teaches 'modernized selling' within the MBA program at the University of Technology, Sydney and has taught for other universities. He serves on a number of advisory boards and his clients include Salesforce, SAP, Docusign, Schneider Electric, New Zealand Government, TAL Life, Zip Water, Findex, BAE Systems, Flight Centre Travel Group, IBM, Qualtrics, Red Hat, Agilyx, NEXTDC, Grant Thornton and UBT with their 4,000 member companies globally.

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