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Building a Successful SKO for Your Team

People often think a Kickoff or Sales Kickoff (SKO) is meant to set the business tone of the year. In 2022, it's important that it takes a bigger meaning in supporting your culture, visions, and values too. In this on-demand session learn how to do just that.

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Belal Batrawy

Scott Leese

CEO & Founder of Scott Leese Consulting and Surf & Sales

SaaS Startup Advisor at DeathtoFluff

Niraj Kapur

Chloe Stewart

Managing Director at

Everybody Works In Sales

Chief Revenue Officer at Pilot.com


Tim Clarke

Senior Director Marketing, Salesforce

What You Will Learn

Should you have an SKO and is it worth your time?

What does your team really want?

What should be excluded from your SKO?

How do you drive Accountability & Action?

Building a Successful SKO for Your Team

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