How to Become the Next Unicorn

Building a unicorn doesn't happen overnight. Recently, Richard Harris and Scott Leese joined forces for a Surf & Sales Bonfire Sessions with Founder & CEO of Outreach, Manny Medina, to discuss what it takes to go from Series A to B, B to C, C to D, and beyond. They discussed: What do VC's ask at each stage? What do VC's expect at each stage? What coaching does a founder/ CEO need to grow at each stage? Finding the right people at each stage. Watch the recording here: Proud sponsors of this Bonfire Session include: Outreach Lead411 Perception Predict   On a mission to become the next unicorn? Let's talk strategy!

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The Math Needed to Justify a BDR or SDR Sales Team

There are multiple factors as it relates to a team aside from pipeline generation and growth when it comes to discussing your BDR and SDR team revenue contributions. First, it’s a myth that SDR and BDR teams only create pipeline generation. They contribute real revenue by doing the dirtiest, hardest, and, oftentimes, most overlooked role in the entire sales process. When someone gets stuck on the pipeline creation at the sales executive and management level, it’s like someone in marketing shouting about their open rates for emails. It also smells like someone is trying to avoid accountability on the closing side. Pipeline generation and growth by SDR teams is just the beginning. What needs to [...]

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Achieving Powerful Discovery

According to Chorus, 32% of cold calls become discovery calls. And only 19% of those become Closed Won deals. Imagine increasing that number 1%-3%, measured over your LTV of a customer. We all know discovery calls can quickly go awry. We’ve all had days where we may not have done enough research, we ask closed-ended questions, or we were thinking too far ahead. When it comes to finding real pain and sharing real world value in each discovery call, Nikki Ivey (Sales Development at Emtrain and Co-Founder of SDRDefenders), has over a decade of sales and marketing experience refining the discovery process and breaking into opportunities with authenticity and empathy. In this webinar, you’ll get [...]

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Better, Faster, Cheaper in the Data Intelligence Space

Quality data in sales has always been important. Scott Leese and Richard Harris have been beating this drum for years now and they have co-authored this post specifically as it relates to data quality. The day of reckoning is upon many organizations who have ignored data quality issues until 2020. Companies with bad data will simply not be able to keep up with their competitors as we navigate 2020 and 2021. If you still think you can win in the sales world without having a solid data provider, you may as well close your doors now. Or, I suppose you can leave them open, but your competitor will simply crush you. Yes, it’s that important. [...]

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