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The Harris Consulting Group Awards & Recognitions

From level setting sales teams, to live training seminars, Richard customizes sales training programs to the exact needs and pain points of his clients. With core services such as NEAT Selling™ and the Respect Contract, he provides the sales training foundations that produce unparalleled results. We are privileged to have had this success noted by our clients and also several national awards.

Salesforce's Top Sales Influencers You Should Know

Salespeople know that to level up, you sometimes have to look sideways and learn from your peers. And social media is where some of the best sellers convene to push the community forward, sharing their challenges and successes along the way. To help you sift through a sea of talent, Salesforce compiled a by-no-means exhaustive list of their favorite sales influencers to follow, including Richard Harris from 2021-2024.

Read the entire list here.

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AA-ISP awards

AA-ISP's (now Emblaze™) Top 25 Most Influential Inside Sales Professionals

AA-ISP (now Emblaze™) recognized Richard Harris as part of the AA-ISP Top 25 Most Influential Inside Sales Professionals from 2015-2019.

AA-ISP recognizes individuals who have been instrumental in leading our profession. The sales world is changing and Inside Sales is taking on an ever increasing role in the success of organizations. Today’s Inside Sales Professionals are top notch individuals proficient in a wide variety of skills that were never part of this role a few short years ago. Each year the AA-ISP will recognize 25 individuals who display the following characteristics. Eligible nominees include sales leaders and individuals, technology leaders, and the supporting cast of consultants, trainers, authors, and anyone that contributed to the advancement of Inside Sales.

  • Committed to advancing the profession of Inside Sales
  • Known as a true thought leader
  • Influences others through leading, training, and/or the sharing of best practices
  • Viewed by peers as someone who positively influences others by word, deed, and character

“It is an honor to recognize Richard as this year’s recipient of The TOP 25 Most Influential Inside Sales Professional Awards. He has proven their dedication and commitment to advancing the profession of inside sales, which is the mission of the AA-ISP,” stated Bob Perkins, Founder. “We are confident that Richard will continue to have an impact on the inside sales community for years to come,” Perkins said.

Best Sales Podcast Awards

The Surf and Sales Podcast has been awarded both Best Sales Podcast and Top Sales Podcast over the years including:
★ May 2024 – Feedspot’s Best Sales Podcasts for 2024
★ January 2024 –’s Top Sales Podcasts for 2024
★ February 2023 –  Feedspot’s Best Sales Podcasts You Must Follow in 2023
★ December 2022 – Hubspot’s Best Sales Podcasts Every Rep Should Listen To in 2022
★ December 2022 – Vidyard’s Top Sales Podcasts, Blogs, and More to Follow in 2023
★ December 2020 – Selling Sherpa’s Best B2B Sales Podcasts
★ November 2020 – BombBomb’s Best Sales Podcasts for Any Sales Pro to Grow (and Thrive!)
Listen into the podcast here.
Surf and Sales Podcast

Quotes Collected by AA-ISP (now Emblaze™) During Interviews

Richard is a proven leading in the Sales community. Also, Richard helps Saas organizations create optimal sales organizations by focusing on the 4P’s of Sales: People, Performance, Planning, and Process.

Richard is experienced and is generous with his advice to the sales community in addition to creating high quality content in both his writing and other appearances that truly help. In my case, as the CEO of, he has provided a lot of input on our product and has helped us help organizations get the most out of it. He cares deeply about the profession and improving the skills of the teams he works with, and the experiences of the buyers on the other side.

Richard never stops learning and improving his game. His curiosity helps his clients and the overall Inside Sales profession. Whenever I have a question about trends and what’s working at the top of the funnel, I ask Richard first.

Richard has come into our organization and completely turned our sales operations around. Our sales people are motivated and we are experiencing an increase in sales that are historic and all because of Richard’s incredible insight.

Richard is a legend in the Inside Sales profession. His thought leadership is provoking, and I always find myself searching out his content and advice as we continue to enhance our inside sales/SDR teams. What I most appreciate is how practical his tips always are – our team can implement them right away and see results.

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Top 40 Most Inspiring Leaders by SLMA

Richard Harris has been named as one of the 40 Most Inspiring Leaders in Sales Lead Management by the SLMA (Sales Lead Management Association).

“The SLMA has been doing a great job supporting the growth of inside sales teams along with the entire lead generation space. It’s a real honor to be included on this list,” said Richard, Owner. “After being named as one of the Top 25 Influencers in Inside Sales by the AA-ISP earlier this year, I cannot think of a better way to end the year.”, stated Richard will continue to have an impact on the inside sales community for years to come”, stated Perkins

Datanyze's Top 20 Inside Sales Influencers

Richard Harris was recognized by Datanyze as one of their top 20 inside sales rock stars in 2016. The Datanyze Top 20 Inside Sales rockstar list was selected from their peers, partners, and mentors who have helped grow and shape the industry. They further say about Richard, “A seasoned SaaS sales leader and inside sales trainer, Richard helps early stage and expansion stage startups build their sales infrastructure and train their sales teams to “get there faster.”

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Give Your Sales Team the Skills to Succeed

From level-setting sales teams to live sales training seminars, we customize sales training programs to the exact needs and pain points of our clients. Core services, such as N.E.A.T Selling the Respect Contract, provide the sales training foundations that produce uparelleled results.