Sales Kickoff and Training Options

Check out all sales kickoff and sales training options from The Harris Consulting Group and find the perfect fit customized for your team.

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One of the most 40 Most Inspring Leaders by SLMA

Prepare, motivate, and train your sales team to top potential with a sales kickoff. Our sales training is customized to your business with award winning results! It’s designed to be “Laptop Closed” unless there is specific exercises requiring computers. Sales Training is NOT a lecture series and is NOT just a discussion of sales theories and talking points. We will use the words, language, terms, challenges, and solutions that your sales teams use on a daily basis when speaking with your​ ​suspects, prospects, and customers. We will also incorporate Real-Play and Role-Play Scenarios throughout the session.

Sales Training is designed to engage sales representatives based on their unique learning style via auditory, visual, or kinesthetic stimulation. The Harris Consulting Group helps reps understand and better execute by understanding the psychology of the buyer, earn the right to ask questions, and the execute according to their roles in the sales process.

Company-Wide Sales Training

Crossing The Line: Setting & Achieving Goals (Offered as 90-minute session)

SDR / BDR Prospecting Training

Customer Success Sales Training​

AE Sales Training

Sales Training for Sales Kickoffs (SKOs)

What Our Clients Say

"Your training reminded me that everyone in the organization is selling, not just sales."

Ted S.


I've used Richard's training at multiple companies to help us shape our lead generation efforts with our SDR teams as well as outside sales executives. He helped us examine our process, tune it up, as well as train the team on the NEAT methodology which had an immediate impact on our selling efforts.

Bryan S.

VP Sales

Sometimes trainers do not acknowledge that specific industries have specific eccentricities to their sales process so it was nice that he did not assume anything and gave us time to share our input on situations too. I have used a lot of what I learned each day and feel more confident in the sales process.

Team Member in Computer Software


We've seen a big improvement in the depth of the conversations our team is having with customers. Our team now have a much better understanding of the customers' pain and can then best recommend if our platform is a good fit for them or not.

Donal T.

Small Business Owner

He easily adjusted to our environment and nuances, and his suggestions have proven to bear fruit with getting prospects on the line. I'd definitely work with Richard again.

Freddy D.

Enterprise Account Executive

Richard was adaptable to our needs and our ambitious timeline. He delivered CONCRETE tools that our team was able to apply the DAY AFTER. We credit him with enabling us to create a string of breakthroughs in the days and weeks following our training.

Natalie P.

VP Sales

Richard helped provide insights into how to successfully lead a discovery call. His wisdom and expertise will leave you in a better position to sell more.

Team Member in Information Technology and Services

Small Business

Some of Our Clients

Give your sales team the skills to succeed.

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