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  • Sales team training designed to “get you there” faster
  • Real world sales techniques that improve your close ratio
  • Experience building Saas lead generation, inside sales, & field sales teams
  • Immediate sales funnel impact

Google Cloud

“Bought in to support the Google Cloud team. In addition to sales training, a cold calling boot camp yielded 13 meetings in under 2 hours on a Friday afternoon.”


“We saw immediate and consistent implementation and impact from Richard’s training.” Greg Holmes, Head of Sales, Zoom.




Richard was brought in to improve the courage and confidence of reps while giving them actionable sales skills to implement and use on a daily basis.


“I think he did a great job of not just teaching but getting the team to apply the things they learned. I also think he did a great job of pushing back on the those won’t work here assumptions”

“I really liked the points that Richard taught us on, specifically personas to look for, how to user a “respect contract” effectively, and what effective pricing looks like.”


Richard was brought in to teach several divisions within Visa including Visa Corporate, Authorize.net, and Cybersource. Lessons were for all reps SMB to Enterprise and included all roles, SDRs, AE’s, and Customer Success.


The leader in discovering your invisible pipline was seeking support for the sales organization, including CSRs, account executives and account reps.


“We’ve seen our pipeline grow by 25% since implementing the sales training and tracking methods you brought to us.” Nick Mehta, CEO of Gainsight  Read More About Gainsight


A division of Visa. Richard was brought into improve the courage and confidence of the sales team and focused on prospecting and sales training.


The leader in HR tools and compliance was seeking to improve funnel creation and volatility within their revenue organization.


Fast startup looking to improve performance of their sales organization through the quality of communication between prospects and customers.


SaaS platform with electronic signatures, workflow management, a document builder, and CPQ functionality. Read More about PandaDoc


“His guidance on understanding the psychology of a buyer and seller at a deeper level was eye opening!” Jason Vargas – Managing Director, Sales Development  Read More About Datanyze


Clarizen provides project management software and a collaborative work management environment. 


By applying the cutting-edge data science of CRM data in conjunction with relationship intelligence, Datahug unlocks valuable signals to highlight momentum during the art of selling. Read More About DataHug


Litmos by CallidusCloud is the fastest growing learning technology company in the world, supporting more than 3,000,000 users in 130+ countries and 22 languages.  Read More About Litmos

Dynamic Signal

Revolutionizes how companies communicate with employees in a more personalized way that mirrors everyday life. Read More About Dynamic Signal


“When we explained our sales process, Richard knew exactly what we were missing. He taught us the value of a sales process and each step, explaining the psychology behind every word, and practiced with us until we got it perfect. We’ve doubled our business as a result.” Brittany Murlas – Director of Marketing and Business Development Read More About Babyli.st

Beck Technologies

Beck Technologies is a software development company servicing commercial construction companies that focus on vertical projects, as well as owners/developers with pro formas and scope build out. Read More About Beck Technologies


dESCO is a SaaS management software solutions for field service industries to track and continually increase production.  Read More About dESCO


“With the combination of a vivacious personality and innovative sales methodology, Richard completely transformed the cold outreach of our sales team.”  Read More About eVestment


“Richard‘s training methodologies set a new bar for sales and marketing training. His direct, yet humble approach poses for a new way modern sales people should be selling.” Sheridan Gaenger, Director of Marketing   Read More About Findly


Helm Operations sought help from the Harris Consulting Group to contact and sell to an established customer base.  The current sales structure was for the SDR team to set appointments, sales team to close deals, and customer success team to follow up with a Saas solution for existing customers.   Read More About Helm


“Richard Harris has one of the deepest understandings of the modern sales process of anyone I have encountered. His insights have helped me personally and our team as a whole become aware of blind spots in our approach ”  Brad Smagala, Account Executive  Read More About Level Eleven


Mashery helps customers launch their API programs quickly to get new products and services to market faster, and connect with business partners more easily to foster innovation and expand routes to market.  Read More About Mashery

Outbound Engine

“The Harris Consulting Group stepped in and helped us quickly build a strong foundation, defined the sales process and implemented a reporting process. All of which has resulted in a significant increase in deal velocity to close. We also now have a new executive dashboard for visibility into our pipeline. We highly recommend THCG services.”– Branndon Stewart, CEO Outbound Engine  Read More About Outbound Engine


“Richard was brilliant at explaining complex sales methods in a very understandable/relatable context.”   Read More About Pushpay

Research Gate

“Richard‘s training was insightful, fun and engaging. He used real, relevant examples and showed me how to successfully apply them with immediate results. His teachings made sense to me and I now feel excited about my role and confident that I will get great results in half the time. Highly recommended” -Sophie Fullard SDR Read More About Research Gate 

Revel Systems

Revel’s inventory management allows business owners to keep track of and manage their inventory directly from the backend management console or a mobile device.   Read More About Revel Systems


“A great perspective refresh on how to engage prospects, I’ve been able to immediately apply some of the learnings to my daily sales rituals.” Brad Evans Read More About SocialChorus


“During Richard’s first day of training we secured a CEO meeting that led to our largest 6-figured deal in the history of the company.”  Jeff Erramospe, CEO   Read More About Spanning


Founded in 2003 in San Francisco, California by pre-clinical researchers and IT professionals to provide a SaaS application for automating animal research studies. Read More About StudyLog

Superior Glove

Specializing in cut-resistant gloves, Superior Glove are liscensed manufacturers of Kevlar and Dyneema® products and other high-quality work gloves for every industry.  Read More About Superior Glove


Account-Based Marketing platform that enables B2B marketers to target best-fit accounts, engage decision makers on their terms, and accelerate marketing & sales pipeline velocity at scale.  Read More About Terminus


“Within hours of Richard’s coaching we saw immediate results in how sales calls were handled. We had greater command of the conversation, were able to better position our value proposition, and increase the quality and quantity of pipelined deals.” Mark Small – VP Sales  Read More About Top Opps


“Richard is a pro. He helped us up our sales game in a big way and provided us with the tools to crush it. I would absolutely recommend Richard to anyone looking to boost sales.” – Elliot Peterson – Head of Content Development  Read More About Udemy


“Richard’s training is interactive and fun. Regardless if you’ve had any prior sales training, you will definitely learn something new and realize best practices in a different light with Richard.” Brian Shank – Senior Account Executive Read More About VisiStat


Workspot provides Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) software to help enterprise IT departments deliver apps and data to mobile devices. Read More About Workspot


Yozio is helping mobile growth, marketing and product teams crack the code on organic mobile app growth. Their Organic Mobile Growth Platform combines powerful app measurement tools, best practices and benchmarks. Read More About Yozio

Zignal Labs

“Richard offered a fun, energetic, and professional approach to coaching. His feedback was pertinent, relevant, and will certainly be implemented as I go forward.” Read More about Zignal Labs

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