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PandaDoc is a document automation SAS platform with electronic signatures, workflow management, a document builder, and CPQ functionality. The company grew rapidly since first-round seed funding in 2014 and CEO Mikita Mikado along with the VP of sales Jared Fuller asked Richard to lay a strong foundation for the PandaDoc sales team.

How We Helped

It was quickly established that there was a specific need to level set the sales group due to the wide range of experience levels. The foundation for the Sales Team had to include understanding the sales process, building sales training protocol to make sure everyone spoke the same language, creating flow pathways, and teaching strategic and tactical execution to enhance pipeline growth and increase close ratios.

Establishing this level set however required a collaborative classroom environment that utilized real play and role-play scenarios, along with one-on-one call coaching for the sales reps. With the Harris Consulting Group’s guidance, a custom plan for the PandaDoc sales team was created and based around the theory of N.E.A.T. sellingTM and the Respect ContractTM. These elements allowed the sales team to earn the right to ask questions through quickly establishing rapport and mutual respect.

Feedback from the team was immediate and deeply impactful. Many reps have seen their sales conversations, pipeline predictability, and closing skills all improve.

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