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Datanyze is a big data sales intelligence startup that checks millions of websites to see which SaaS software companies are used and find the best look-alike leads. “It turns out that one of the best predictive attributes for lead quality is based on the tech stack of the new prospects,” CEO Ilya Semin told me yesterday. “For example, if you’re an enterprise solution and you see that a prospect is using WordPress, Google Analytics, and GoDaddy … there’s not a big chance they’ll sign up. But if they’re using Marketo, Salesforce, and Akamai, they clearly have a budget.”

How We Helped

Datanyze is still a young company and has been generating exceptional growth rates, up to 25% in some months. Realizing that it needed a formal training program it hired The Harris Consulting Group to support the sales executives focused on the middle of the funnel. Through the training experience, Datanyze sales executives were walked through a series of techniques specifically tailored to closing strategies following demo engagements.

What Datanyze Says

His guidance on understanding the psychology of a buyer and seller at a deeper level was eye-opening!

Jason Vargas

Managing Director, Sales Development

Richard is incredible. I’ve had several sales trainers in the past, but none compare to Richard’s ability to understand the buying cycle.

Andrew Munds

Account Executive

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Customized To Fit Your Needs

We understand each company has different pains. That’s why we offer customized training to help you with specific needs.