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Sales Management and Leadership Training

Take your sales management and leadership skills to the next level in the modern sales landscape with this training that combines being a data-driven, results-oriented sales leader while maintaining the humanity you and your team crave.


What Can This Do For Sales Managers?

Become a Data-Driven Manager

Sales managers will learn how to leverage data to make informed decisions, optimize team performance, and drive results.

Understand Team Dynamics

Gain insights into effective sales management and how to tailor your leadership approach to individual team members.

Enhance Retention and Engagement

Effectively coach and develop team members to create a positive work environment, reducing turnover and increasing motivation.

Improve Team Performance

Equip yourself with the management and coaching skills that enhance team performance and impact your organization's bottom line.

Sales Management Training That Works

“Bought in to support the Google Cloud team. In addition to sales training, a cold calling boot camp yielded 13 meetings in under 2 hours on a Friday afternoon.”

Thiago Fantini, Enterprise Cloud Specialist

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“We saw immediate and consistent implementation and impact from Richard’s training.”

Greg Holmes, Head of Sales

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Clients Who Trust Us

For All Teams & Market Sizes



This includes BDR and SDR Training



For Inside Sales, Field Sales, Customer Success



For small- and medium-sized business, Mid-Market, Enterprise Sales, Upsell and Cross-Selling Training



For SaaS, ABM, Banking, Conversational Intelligence, Customer Success, Data Enrichment, Finance, Fintech, Manufacturing, Security, Team Management, VOIP, Sales Enablement, Sales Engagement


Who Is This Sales Training For?

This sales management and leadership training is tailored to the specific needs and career stages of first and second-level managers, specifically for AE Managers, SDR Managers, Sales Ops, and Sales Enablement.

It provides the knowledge and skills required to excel in current roles and prepare for future leadership opportunities. 

Sales Management and Leadership Training Includes:

Understand Your Role

Gain a comprehensive understanding of the pivotal role of a sales manager, and how it fits within the broader sales organization.

Master Responsibilities

Learn the core responsibilities of a sales manager, from team management to performance optimization.

Data-Driven Coaching

Dive into the world of data-driven coaching and discover what it looks and sounds like in practice, enabling you to make informed decisions that drive results.

Manage Up

Develop strategies for managing upwards within your organization, ensuring alignment with higher-level objectives.

Team Understanding

Discover the keys to understanding your sales team's needs, motivations, and aspirations to lead effectively.

Onboarding and Training

Gain the tools to create highly effective onboarding and training programs, ensuring your team members are well-prepared for success.

Coaching vs. Training

Differentiate between coaching and training, and learn how to balance both for continuous skill development within your team.

1:1s vs. Pipeline Review

Understand the differences between one-on-one coaching sessions and pipeline reviews, and how to leverage both for maximum impact.

Retention and Engagement

Know how to effectively coach and develop team members in order to create a positive work environment, reducing turnover and increasing motivation.

Frequently Asked Questions

What skills can I gain from this training?

As a sales managers, you will be empowered to be an effective, data-driven leader who can drive sales success and contribute to the overall growth and success of your organization.

How does sales management and leadership training work?

This is a half-day session.
Whether training is onsite or via Zoom, during this session, we’ll provide the sales management team members with training and guidance to improve their role and team.

How does this training work during WFH?

We’ve designed this sales management and leadership training to take place via Zoom, but we also offer onsite training if you prefer. The outcome of this is the ability to use immediately, that day, and greater retention to prevent the “Forgetting Curve”.


About Richard Harris

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Elevate Your Sales Management and Leadership Skills

Equip yourself with the knowledge and strategies needed to excel in the dynamic world of modern sales management and become a data-driven, results-oriented sales leader, while maintaining the humanity you and your team crave.