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Unlock your potential with personalized coaching that enhances sales skills, addresses challenges, and fine-tunes management and leadership for peak team performance. Whether you’re a sales rep, team, leader, or founder, our tailored approach ensures essential skills for a robust sales foundation.


Coaching for Every Sales Need

Sales Rep

A customized 1:1 sales coaching program just for you. Whether you are a BDR/SDR, AE, AM, or Customer Success. We work with you 1:1 to make sure you get the sales coaching you want and need.

Multi-Manager Sales Teams

Ensure your sales managers how to develop and deploy a shared vision, and common language encouraging best sales management practices through your team.

Sales and Executive Leaders

A customized 1:1 program for the individual leader looking to fine-tune leadership skills that guide and inspire your team to peak performance.

Founder-Led Sales

A customized 1:1 program for Founders looking to improve their own skills or begin the transition from founder-led sales to scaling sales teams.

Sales Coaching That Works

“Bought in to support the Google Cloud team. In addition to sales training, a cold calling boot camp yielded 13 meetings in under 2 hours on a Friday afternoon.”

Thiago Fantini, Enterprise Cloud Specialist

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“We saw immediate and consistent implementation and impact from Richard’s training.”

Greg Holmes, Head of Sales

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Clients Who Trust Us

For All Teams & Market Sizes



This includes BDR and SDR Training



For Inside Sales, Field Sales, Customer Success



For small- and medium-sized business, Mid-Market, Enterprise Sales, Upsell and Cross-Selling Training



For SaaS, ABM, Banking, Conversational Intelligence, Customer Success, Data Enrichment, Finance, Fintech, Manufacturing, Security, Team Management, VOIP, Sales Enablement, Sales Engagement

1:1 Sales Rep Coaching

Unlock your sales potential and elevate your sales skills with personalized coaching that focuses on your unique strengths and challenges.

What You Will Learn:

  • Effective client interaction and relationship building
  • Advanced  discovery, negotiation tactics and closing techniques
  • Tailored strategies for pipeline management
  • Adapting to market changes and client needs
  • Managing up to your boss
  • Sustainable career development in sales

Elevate Your Teams' Management Skills

Build a managing through-managers approach to achieve your revenue targets from the executive level down. We help you develop and deploy a shared vision, and common language encouraging best sales management practices through your team. This is the middle-manager sales training and coaching you wish you had, and can now deploy.

What You Will Get:

  • A customized development and deployment of a management strategy for your sales managers
  • A unified common language to ensure consistent communications
  • Allowance for the authenticity of each sales manager
  • Develop strategic thinking capabilities to formulate robust business strategies
  • Sharpen decision-making processes within the team, ensuring timely, informed, and consensus-driven decisions
  • Soft skills training for middle managers who often need it the most

1:1 Sales Management and Leadership Coaching

Fine-tune your leadership skills to inspire and guide your team towards peak performance.

What You Will Learn:

  • Best practices for creating and sustaining a high-performance sales culture
  • Best practices for effective sales team management and motivation
  • Best practices for navigating team dynamics and conflict resolution
  • Best practices for navigating the internal politics of managing up and down
  • Best practices for maintaining your authenticity

1:1 Founder-led Sales and Go-To-Market Strategies

Creation and evolution of your GTM strategies that help founders drive sales from client 0 to client 100.

What You Will Learn:

  • Avoiding common pitfalls in founder-led sales scenarios
  • The right product market messaging for your company
  • Defining and refining your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP)
  • Best practices for early-stage sales and customer success
  • Best practices for when and how to scale the sales team
  • Best practices for when and how to go upmarket
  • Best practices for balancing your sales responsibilities and all the other hats you wear

About Richard Harris

There’s a reason companies like PandaDoc, Zoom, Google, Salesloft, Pandora, and PagerDuty trust Richard to train their teams. Simply put, it works! Don’t just take our word for it.

Maximize Your Potential With Personalized Coaching

Elevate sales skills, overcome challenges, and fine-tune yourself as a rep, manager, leader, or founder so you operate at peak performance. Our tailored approach ensures essential skills to establish a robust sales foundation.