The Art and Science of Sales

Whether you're in sales, customer success, or in a management role, if you often think about being unique and standing apart during the sales journey... JOIN US TO LEARN: How to blend the intangibles of sales with the process to increase the probability of positive outcome Leverage your network to move deals forward Earn new business through referrals Create a customer experience that will make renewals easier TRAINING TUESDAY HOST Richard Harris, Owner, The Harris Consulting Group ABOUT OUR SPEAKER Kevin Walkup, Head of Strategic Sales for SalesLoft, has been in sales since he was a kid. Naturally, he has always looked to create win/win situations when doing business. Having been the rep making 75+ cold [...]

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Outbound Sales Focus On The Fundamentals

Learn what it takes to build an outbound sales program that works in today's modern sales environment. Join us to learn these actionable takeaways: Focus on solving problems not pitching product Stay in your swimlane Persona-based messaging Where to find and engage your prospects Bucket your leads to prioritize your activities and maximize productivity Understand your funnel metrics to optimize results

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Mastering The Break Through Script

Cold calling is fundamentally challenging; from getting connected, to overcoming awkward starts, to dealing with all those objections, to scheduling a meeting. But you can make the cold calling experience both easier and more productive by combining a simple script with the right mindset. Whether your job calls for having first conversations or for managing and coaching those on the front lines, you'll benefit from this deep dive into "Five Sentences That Will Change Your Life." Chris Beall will share: -  How to construct a five-sentence breakthrough script that matches the value you want to provide. -  Getting into — and staying in — the mindset to make the most of your precious at-bats. -  [...]

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How to Leverage Your Personality As a Competitive Advantage in Sales

How can sellers express their personal brand (and not fall into the "persona" trap) while gaining the attention and loyalty of their busy prospects? Sales leaders need to help reps create continuity of company brand experience across channels while still supporting individual creativity and expression to attract and retain top-performing sales reps. In this fun and energetic session, you'll learn:  WHY "Personality" is a competitive advantage that helps you close sales faster, attract/retain sales talent, and improve revenue WHAT Sales Leaders need to do to coach, support and encourage team members on how to develop and leverage their unique personalities HOW to leverage sales tools to express personality and get the attention of your busy [...]

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