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Visistat is based out of San Jose, California, and is a B2B lead generation tool that identifies anonymous website visitors and transforms them into sales leads. Through selected partnerships, Visistat has the ability to analyze the IP traffic that comes to your website. Even users who did not fill out a form can still have their IP address analyzed to provide the company they work for and generate a list of main players at that company. These decision markers can then be compiled directly into a CRM for the inside sales team to cold call.

How We Helped

Visistat brought in the Harris Consulting Group to improve their sales team’s prospecting and communication skills when talking to a prospects. Through the sales training, Richard spoke with the sales team about earning the right to ask specific questions from customers and how to qualify sales leads before extensive time investments.

What Visistat Says

Richard’s training is interactive and fun. Regardless if you’ve had any prior sales training, you will definitely learn something new and realize best practices in a different light with Richard.

Brian Shank

Senior Account Executive

Richard provided exceptional insight into the buyer’s mind, and how to best communicate on an adult to adult level. I feel like the tools he has provided thus far will help me and my sales process tremendously.

Kristina Lambruschini

Account Executive

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Customized To Fit Your Needs

We understand each company has different pains. That’s why we offer customized training to help you with specific needs.