pushpayPushpayPushpay is a Redmond, WA based firm that has revolutionized the way many church ministries and non profits can collect donations.  Pushpay utilizes a proprietary software-as-a-service model to enable businesses, organizations and consumers the benefit of a m-commerce experience that is fast, secure and easy-to-use.  This rapid growth currently sees millions of dollars go through the platform every month.

PushPay has quickly scaled of their sales development, SDR, team to 40 reps and needed the Sales Hacker and The Harris Consulting Group to provide a comprehensive training specifically designed around inbound and outbound prospecting teams focusing specifically on cold calling and prospecting best practices. Time was divided between a classroom learning environment with real world discussions about customer pains/challenges and the overall Pushpay solution in their own words. Additional time was given with one to one coaching for SDRs and Sales Managers via AMA (Ask Me Anything) sessions.

The Harris Consulting Group and Sales Hacker also held a specific training session on getting around and getting through the Gatekeeper..  Through the training session the SDR team was taught skills to get past the secretary or “gatekeeper” in order to speak directly with the person of interest.

Within 24 hours of the first day of training, PushPay reported a large increase in productivity and appointments set rates

Richard doesn’t mess around. He is knowledgable and professional. He can help grow your business by helping you build a better process.
Andrey Malskiy, SDR
Richard Harris doesn’t just come from a place of knowledge, he also comes from a place of experience and wisdom. His sessions are going to help re-learn how to pitch.
Mikailo Mosley, Sales Development Representative at PushPay
Richard is real, raw, and brought new perspective and insight to our team. He brought us to a whole new level and reignited our passion to be in sales!
– Melanie Schiff, Sales Development Representative
With years of experience and a broad knowledge base to pull from, Richards’ insightful teaching and gift for plain accessible speech makes learning a pleasure.
Jason Barkey, SDR
If people like you they will listen to you, but if they trust you, they will do business with you. -Zig Ziglar Thanks for your time this week Richard!
Coby Jaap, SDR
“Richard combines insight into the psychology of sales with years of experience to bring cutting edge techniques and perspective that hone the skills of the staff he coaches.”
David Richards, Sales Development Representative
Was a great time training with Richard. He had great insight into the field of sales and helped us to not only look at what we are doing now but also to forecasting the future.
Lisa Lake, Sales Development Representative
Richard was not only professional and knowledgable, but also so personable that I almost forgot I was in a training session. He relates to the personality of an SDR in a way that everyone in the session can take his advice and move forward with it, not just those SDRs of a certain personality.
Devin Rigg, Sales Development Representative

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