Dynamic Signal LogoDynamic Signal– was founded in 2010 in San Bruno, California and revolutionizes how companies communicate with employees in a more personalized way that mirrors everyday lives.  Dynamic Signal has quickly grown since the initial founding and was recognized by Business Insider as, “The 20 Hot Silicon Valley Startups You Need To Watch”.

The Harris Consulting Group thrives on referrals and also on past success.  In the case with Dynamic Signal, Richard was asked to again implement his proven sales training technique by the VP of Marketing, Communication, and Sales Development –  Dave Hawley.

Mr. Hawley was previously at another company that Richard had revamped with his inside sales training approach and upon joining Dynamic Signal Mr. Hawley wanted to ensure his team was provided with the strongest foundation of top of the funnel lead generation sales processes and techniques.  During the

During the course of the sales training, the emphasis was provided to the sales development team specifically with top of the funnel and sales pipeline growth in mind.

Furthermore, Richard conducted one-on-one sales training with each member of the SDR team to provide sales and career guidance and coaching. Since this team was made up primarily of millennials the feedback was greatly appreciated and accepted as coaching is something millennials want far more than their predecessors.

With the Harris Consulting Group’s guidance, the theory of N.E.A.T. SellingTM and the Respect ContractTM were also implemented to teach and refine how the Sales Development Team earn the right to ask questions through quickly establishing rapport and mutual respect.

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