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Helm Operations is situated in Victoria, British Columbia. Victoria is highly regarded as aCanadian West Coast technology hotbed and also the actual hub of commercial maritime industries in the whole West Coast. Ron deBruyne founded Helm Operations and it has quickly become a leader for workboat company’spreventive maintenance and compliance SaaS software.

Helm Operations sought help from the Harris Consulting Group to contact and sell to an established customer base.  The current sales structure was for the SDR team to set appointments, sales team to close deals, and customer success team to follow up with aSaaS solution for existing customers.  Under the Harris Consulting Group’s guidance each group was taught best practice and utilized 1:1 training exercise.

The SDR team was educated on prospecting best practices and focused specifically on the anatomy of a cold call.  The sales training also utilized group sessions and material for how to capture a client’s attention in 25 words or less.  No longersaying, “Hi this is ____ from _____.  This one phrase is so synonymous with a sales pitch that it can ALWAYS causes the prospect  to put up an immediatewall of resistance to a sales call.

For the account executive team, The Harris Consulting Group discussed the buyer’s journey and how to earn the right to ask questions of a prospect.  Sales training techniques were also used to build confidence for when a sales person must handle  the uncomfortable parts of sales call.

For the customer success team a program was created for building and implementing a kickoff strategy for new customers that would increase adoption of the software and reduce customer churn.  The Harris Consulting Group also worked with Helm Operations to train their customer success team on best practices for resolving issues, but also being mindful of up-selling and cross-selling other viable software products.

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