DatahugDatahug– was founded in 2010 in order to better share and leverage business relationships by understanding the predictable elements to sales. By applying cutting-edge data science of CRM data in conjunction with the relationship intelligence, Datahug unlocked valuable signals to highlight momentum during the art of selling. In short, improve the accuracy of pipeline forecasting for the sales leader.

Datahug was recently acquired by CallidusCloud to be an essential part of the company’s future expansion and service offerings.  “There are more than 50 million companies in the world. They all want better sales forecasting. Datahug’s unique, patented technology delivers rich, predictive analysis of sales pipelines in a visually stunning way. Being able to better predict the outcomes of sales cycles and identify the right sales opportunities means big value for our Lead to Money customers,” said Leslie Stretch, president and CEO, CallidusCloud.

The Harris Consulting Group was brought in following the acquisition to level set the sales team and provide ongoing support from CallidusCloud.  The training included sales team of various skill sets and including a co-founder of Datahug. During the sales training Richard was asked to customize specifically for Datahug’s sales skills and experience.  The training incorporated hard and soft sales strategies for pipeline growth, acceleration, and close/win ratios.

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