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Based in St. Louis, Missouri, TopOpps is the leading Saas solution designed to improve the accuracy of sales forecast, increase CRM engagement and give greater visibility into the pipeline.

How We Helped

TopOpps needed help getting their sales teams to speak the same language. Like most start-ups, everyone was following their own path and we needed to work on delivering a consistent and cohesive message to their prospects. After spending time and listening to Richard, the entire sales organization from the executive team down to the new sales team onboarding now speaks the same language, executes a familiar pitch, and has a consistent sales process that everyone follows.

What TopOpps Says

Within hours of Richard’s coaching, we saw immediate results in how sales calls were handled. We had a greater command of the conversation, we’re able to better position our value proposition, and increase the quality and quantity of pipelined deals.

Mark Small

VP Sales

Other Happy Clients

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Customized To Fit Your Needs

We understand each company has different pains. That’s why we offer customized training to help you with specific needs.