Mashery–  was founded in 2006 and allows for companies to launch their API programs quickly to get new products and services to market faster, and connect with business partners more easily to foster innovation and expand routes to market. The API has become a crucial part in online growth and organizations are taking advantage of API Management platforms to go to market faster with quality API portals, security, and infrastructure.

Mashery was one of Richard’s last full time jobs before he established the Harris Consulting Group. During his time with Mashery, Richard worked directly with the SDR team to focus on connecting directly with enterprise and fortune 1000 organization to establish a revenue stream based on successful API programs.  This process formed the foundation on what is now a standard practice.

Richard understands what it takes to be a strong sales leader. He is passionate about his work, colleagues, and always makes decisions based on what he feels is best for the company. I knew early on that Richard would always have my back. He was asked to take on many tasks and managed to balance the work load while maintaining a great attitude about his role. I will stay in touch with Richard throughout my career to continue learning from him.
Jim McDonough - VP Sales Threat Stack

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