close ratiosLevelEleven: Based in Detroit, Michigan, LevelEleven is a perennial leader when it comes to sales development platforms and leader boards. What other people call gamification, LevelEleven calls best behavior focusing.

LevelEleven was looking to increase conversions and close ratios. With the help of The Harris Consulting Group, LevelEleven was able to more strongly identify the buyers’ journey, the pains of their buyers based on titles and roles, as well as build a greater rapport with all prospects. By the end of training all reps were better at properly articulating the LevelEleven Value Prop based on their prospects needs while increasing the velocity through the sales funnel.

In fact, Bob Marsh, founder and CEO of LevelEleven says, “With Richard’s help I am confident my sales team has a specific plan to execute on every sales call from the first qualification call to the last closing call.”

Richard Harris has one of the deepest understandings of the modern sales process of anyone I’ve encountered. His insights have helped me personally and our team as a whole become aware of blind spots in our approach and he’s given us the tools, skills and ammunition to correct and execute effectively within those stages of our process. To stay ahead of the ever changing sales landscape, continual training and improvement are essential. The benefit of the “Sales Stack” is that your technology gets you into more conversations, Richard’s training ensures that your reps know what to say!!
Brad Smagala // LevelEleven Account Executive
Richard has helped me as an individual and our sales team as a whole become wildly more productive and thoughtful in our sales approach. Since our sessions, I’ve immediately noticed that once I started putting his ideas to use my success in prospecting, email engagement, call control and closing has increased drastically.

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