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Top 5 Reasons Why Your Sales Training Will Fail

The sales department is the beating heart of your company. No other team in your organization has the same influence on your brand’s success or failure. If your sales team isn’t well trained and optimized to perform in the modern business world, your company will suffer.  The best way to ensure your salespeople are equipped for success is with a sales training program. Unfortunately, there are several pitfalls that will ruin the efficacy of your sales training. In this guide, we’ll introduce the top five reasons why your sales training will fail, and give tips and strategies to overcome these critical blunders. Reason 1: No Executive Support The success of any company, sales team, or [...]

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A Safe Place to Fail. Creating Successful Sales Coaching Culture

This is part three of our three-part series dedicated to sales enablement, sales training, and sales culture. Our guest author is Ashley Zagst, who was recently promoted from SDR Team Lead to AE at Chili Piper. When someone says Sales Coaching or Sales Enablement, what comes to mind for you?  For some it comes to 1:1 coaching, for others, people jump straight to thinking about tools.  Unless you know how to leverage those tools in the right way, they are useless. Sales Enablement is so much more than a tech stack. And at its core, it comes down to sales coaching to help reps use what’s at their disposal to do the best they can.  [...]

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S2E57 – What’s a real sales relationship? with David Nugent

David's had one of those jobs many of us dream about. Combining business and sales skills with professional sports teams and leagues. He shares some fun stories and insights including   Chief Commercial Officer vs CRO Sports Ops vs Business Ops in Professional Sports The more money you make the more risk-averse you may become What you take when leaving one successful company to another Starting with a founding principle of how much money  Trading money for commitment in a real partnership Check out this episode!

S2E57 – What’s a real sales relationship? with David Nugent2021-07-12T06:37:50+00:00

S2E58 – Surprise!! Happy birthday, Scott!

Today, we're celebrating our favorite man and resident Surf & Sales co-host: Scott Leese. In honor of his birthday, we wanted to bring on some of his closest Thursday Night Sales friends like Amy Volas, Mike Hook, Kelsey Calabro, and more.  We know how much he loves attention on his birthday, so what better way than a podcast to talk about all of the reasons we love Scott, our favorite memories with him, some of his most common expressions, and what we wish for him in the future.    Check out this episode!

S2E58 – Surprise!! Happy birthday, Scott!2021-07-12T06:37:49+00:00