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SalesLoft Did It Again! #Rainmaker16

Last year started with a bang This year started with soul. If you are in the inside sales, sdr, and frankly any part of the sales community and missed Rainmaker16 hosted by SalesLoft, then you surely missed another amazing inside sales showcase. We specifically use the word showcase because to call it an event cannot do it justice. In just two short years Rainmaker has become a leading destination for anyone wanting to learn about starting or growing their inside sales and SDR sales teams with precision, accuracy, efficiency, and effectiveness. 2015 started with a beat by incorporating the Atlanta Falcons drumline. 2016 started with soul led by the Voice of Atlanta. They set the [...]

SalesLoft Did It Again! #Rainmaker162018-12-07T20:39:07+00:00

Top 3 Sales Problems To Watch Out For in 2016

AES CAN’T UPSELL THERE ARE NO GOOD SALES MANAGERS AND SDRs ARE A GATEWAY DRUG Given our experienc in working with start-ups and inside sales teams, we were recently asked by Brisk.io to do a couple of blog posts. This one was originally posted on their blog site butwe  wanted to post here for our readers as well in case you haven’t yet heard of Brisk.io (Check them out though, awesome value prop!) Richard Harris has been training salespeople for a long time via his consultancy The Harris Consulting Group. He’s also The Director of Sales Training and Consulting Services at Sales Hacker. Harris sees the same sales problems come up again and again, especially in early stage [...]

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The 6 Dumbest Phrases Sales People Used in 2015

Now that we’ve (hopefully) all recovered from a weekend of New Year’s festivities, let’s take stock of the damage done to our sales lexicon in 2015, with eye on improving for 2016. We all know that sales people love to talk. Whether you’re an SDR, BDR, Inside Sales Rep, or Field Rep, one of our biggest challenges (us included) is just shutting up. Furthermore, there is a big misunderstanding that everyone seems to looking past when it comes to the best attributes of a sales person. Many people think that the single most important thing that a sales person should have is the ability to close. We disagree with this statement down to its very [...]

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Women in Sales – The XX Factor with Sarah Fricke of CEB

If you’ve been in the inside sales, Saas sales, or startup sales world then the name CEB is probably not unfamiliar to you. You might also know them by their bestselling book about sales, The Challenger Sale. If you have not had a chance to read The Challenger Sale, we would definitely recommend putting it on your 2016 rotation. It’s a fantastic and powerful view of the strongest sales personalities and how to work them into your current sales structure. A few weeks ago, Sarah Fricke from CEB, reached out to us and wanted to compare notes on a few items. We had never actually spoken or even connected. When we finally got a chance [...]

Women in Sales – The XX Factor with Sarah Fricke of CEB2019-02-20T18:51:18+00:00
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