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7 Steps for Developing a Winning Sales Strategy

If you’re trying to take your company’s sales performance to the next level, developing a winning sales strategy is the key to your success. When you can create an informed plan to supercharge your sales and boost your bottom line, you have the clarity and direction to execute it with confidence. In this guide, we’ll introduce the seven steps to developing a winning sales strategy for your business. We’ll also include several excellent techniques and industry best practices for setting goals, analyzing your industry, understanding your target client, and much more! Step 1: Know Yourself, Know Your Environment Before you even think about creating and executing a winning sales strategy, you must thoroughly understand how [...]

7 Steps for Developing a Winning Sales Strategy2021-09-10T13:35:52+00:00

How to Supercharge Your ARR as a First Sales Hire

Sales are the beating heart of your business. Without a consistent stream of increasing revenue, your company doesn’t stand a chance in today's fast-paced, ultra-competitive market. The more money your business has, the more it can afford to invest in its employees, marketing, assets, and so on. In other words, it’s in everyone’s best interest to want the sales department to succeed. But what if you are a brand’s first sales hire? The pressure to create business and drive revenue now rests solely on your shoulders. Your performance determines the fate of the company. If that’s the case, you have a tremendous responsibility to handle! But there’s good news: supercharging your brand’s sales performance is [...]

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S2E65 – Founder $5 million with Breezy Beaumont

PLG - Product Led Growth. All the rage and not quite all the understanding. In this episode we speak with Breezy Beaumont of Correlated to discuss where and how sales, marketing, and customer success should be aligned. Topics include:   Understanding how Growth differs from CRO. Best collaboration tools. How not to use a collaboration tool. No human thrives with no autonomy.  Freemium, Self-Serve, and a Sales Team How to leverage a brand in a micro-community Check out this episode!

S2E65 – Founder $5 million with Breezy Beaumont2021-08-30T15:35:22+00:00

S2E64 – Best sales hires won’t come through HR with Brent Gette

Sales=Transactional. BD = Relational based Care more about the personality type than your pedigree Difference between selling to HR than other departments Manage to performance is better to manage tenure No Undergrad degree but I have an MBA Understand the process more than the product The one thing missing in your 30, 60, and 90-day plan Check out this episode!

S2E64 – Best sales hires won’t come through HR with Brent Gette2021-08-23T11:49:47+00:00