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What Star Wars Taught Us About Sales Scripts

If you haven’t seen Star Wars, The Force Awakens I can assure you there is a high chance you will be very, very satisfied. After running our consulting business, The Harris Consulting Group, and being the Director of Sales Training and Consulting at Sales Hacker it dawned on us one of the most important lessons we have been teaching our clients over the last several years. The value of a sales script. More often than not the word “script” is considered blasphemy and a 4-letter world in the inside sales team vocabulary. We’ve noticed it tends to come from newer sales people such as SDR (Sales Development Reps) or Lead Gen Teams. When pressed as to [...]

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Real Unicorns Do It Better, Faster, and Cheaper

Describing startups with billion dollar valuations as “Unicorns” is getting to be a tired practice. Frankly, it’s outlasted the original novelty of the term. Which is why we at The Harris Consulting Group have decided to reclaim the word and apply it to something more meaningful and useful. In mythology, a unicorn is a rare, horse-like creature with a single horn sticking out of its forehead. Stories give that horn magical powers and in many cases, people think the unicorns even bleed rainbow colors. But how does this relate to business? […]

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The Resilient and Empathetic Sales Person

INTRODUCTION One of the core values of SalesHacker and The Harris Consulting Group is our continual desire to learn. We push ourselves and our clients to be better, fail faster, iterate quickly, adapt, and improve. We believe this is essential to being successful in sales and is part of our “Warrior Training”. Like many people in sales we look to learn from others as much as we look to help others learn. In this post we are going to explore two concepts that have really struck a chord with us in 2015 as we look at the sales world. One is resilience, the other is empathy. […]

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10 Easy Tips To Becoming a Sales Jedi Master

In case you haven’t heard, there is a new movie coming out in a few weeks. Hopefully some of the sales leaders reading this bought some tickets to opening day to give out as sales spiffs! Or better yet, your CEO recognizes its worth shutting the office down for an epic event and take the whole company. In the spirit of the Star Wars moment, we at The Harris Consulting Group, offer the following tips to helping you all finish your quarter and year strong! And to hope you all become better Sales Jedis in 2016. May the force be with you…always! 10.  Do or do not, there is no try. 9.    Any fool can [...]

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