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Moving customers off discounts

One of the most uncomfortable moments in all forms of customer engagements. There are lots of nuances in this situation based on legacy, original customers, deals cut at EOQ or EOM, etc. Here are some suggestions to help you and your sales team and customer success team when it comes to moving folks off discounts Define your customers who need to be moved up the “rate card” OC’s - Original customers from the very first moment you went live. Where are they, where do you want them to be. Legacy - Long term clients but maybe not your OC’s. Write down their current $ and where you’d like to get them to. FireSale - Deals [...]

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What does “Negotiation Training” Really Mean?

We hear this request a lot when speaking with folks looking to train their inside sales or field sales team. We are also hearing it more and more when it comes to training customer success teams. While simplistic in concept it’s a bit more complex than many folks think. This is because “negotiation training has become a buzz word. And in many cases its used incorrectly. Negotiation training can have a ridiculous amount of meaning. When you are thinking about hiring a sales trainer for negotiating training here are some things to keep in mind. Is “negotiating training” what you really need? Often times people say "negotiation training" but when we dive in deeper it’s [...]

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The Right AE to SDR Ratio

I am not a fan of 1:many. Since I don't know how you define many, I will say 1:4. 1 SDR to 4 AE's as I rant. The rent is too damn high!! In short, it's too expensive. If one has that many AE's and you force rank them on productivity (figure out properly about AE's ramping or pull them out) I can assure you the ones consistently at the bottom should be let go and you can typically hire SDRs 2:1 ratio (excluding SF/NYC). I do realize these folks are humans so I am not suggesting you fire for the sake of an Excel spreadsheet. They have lives, families, and personal goals. Nobody wants [...]

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Who handles inbound leads?

This is one of the longest-running discussions I see in saas sales today. The options typically are the following although there may be some slight variances. Inbound leads go straight to AE’s Inbound leads go to the newest and most inexperienced SDRs Inbound leads go to senior and more tenured SDRs Here is what I recommend to everyone, and then adjust accordingly based on data. Inbound leads always go to senior and tenured SDRs. Inbound leads are your most precious gemstones A lot of time and money (marketing and product) has been spent driving these precious gems to you. Don’t waste that money Conversion is all that matters. Putting inexperienced reps hurts your chances for [...]

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