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Handling “Call me back next year”

Answer to the dreaded "Call me back next year." objection. The following are a few different options you can use. So be sure to think it through. 1) Sometimes people say "call me back in January and they really want me to call them. Other times they are just being polite and really don't want me to call back. So I don't waste your time in the future, can you let me know which one it is so I can move forward appropriately? 2) Great, let's do something on Jan ___, how does 10am work for you? 3) Great, happy to call you back then, does this mean what we do is going to be [...]

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What to expect when budgeting for a sales stack

One of the most common questions around supporting inside sales, field sales, or enterprise sales teams is, “How much should I budget for the sales stack?” Here are some thoughts in no particular order. Be sure you define your stack specifically based on what your desired outcomes for each tool will be. Be sure to reference (First post) on how to choose the right tools. Don’t let executives "blame" the sales team for being expensive. My response is simply "no S--- sherlock, ain't nothin free" and so is engineering (especially in the Bay Area) But since we can't really say that out loud here is how I would try to couch it. Pre-Communication Tools & [...]

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10 Tips for Selling Into the K12 and Education Market

Selling into the K12 and education market is unique to say the least. However, when it’s a product or service you really believe in as a salesperson, then the altruistic element of doing it for the kids is a HUGE plus. With this in mind we’ve put together a few tips to help those selling into this market. They will overplay the "we don't have enough money" card. They know how to use this fear with salespeople all the time.This should not catch you off guard and your organization should have already come up with talk tracks and value props on teaching how to handle. They are also very specifically controlled by funding release dates. [...]

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Why Building Sales Contests to Drive Revenue is the Wrong Mindset

When it comes to deciding on contests prizes for sales teams several things should be considered BEFORE you choose the prizes. Whether it’s an SDR Team, Inside Sales Team, Enterprise Sales team we recommend “bucketing” the prize types into 5 primary buckets: Solo Event Rep +1 Event Team Event Money Educational Of course there could be others, and they can and often do overlap. From here you need to look at some bigger issues and in particular “selling the executive” on the expenses. The primary outcome of a contest is NOT to drive revenue. It’s to reinforce the right behaviors. If the behaviors occur, the muscle memory lasts, you win the long game of revenue [...]

Why Building Sales Contests to Drive Revenue is the Wrong Mindset2019-11-06T14:32:28+00:00