Building a Process for Time Management

Time Management is one of those things I know lots of folks struggle with, myself included. By no means am I a master, but I do strive to get better. Rather than beat myself up day after day, I created a process that gives me the space to manage my time.  Whether you are a sales rep, SDR, Customer Success, VP or Executive, this stuff matters. And by all means, one should incorporate their family into this. I share these tips with you. If you have one that works, please share in the comments as well. Color Code your calendar - Red, Yellow, Green. For me Green is about revenue, Yellow could become revenue, Red [...]

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Guidelines For N.E.A.T. Selling™ Even When You Use Another Methodology

We have a different approach than most do when it comes to ideas around sales processes and sales methodologies. We don’t believe someone should simply rip and replace one methodology for the other. Sadly, this is one of the first things new sales leaders do to try and “put their stamp” on the organization. Of course, there are exceptions to this rule, and a good VP of Sales will know when the right time is to do this. If the current sales process does not work, it has more to do with the lack of consistent coaching to the team to actually follow it than it does anything else. So simply replacing it may not be the [...]

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Do You Suffer From Emaildeleteeyitiousism?

On a scale of 1-10 how many of you are at 11 if this is your phone?On a scale of 1-10 how many of you are on 11 if this is your partner’s phone?Don’t worry, Dr. G-Harris has your cure. Technically, we all have this disease. The fear of deleting emails “in case” we might need them. Some of us have gone through a spiritual cleansing and been able to reach an Inbox Mentality. We can assure you, the level of relief you have on a daily basis is amazing. You actually feel “accomplished” each day. Interestingly, this has become one of my most popular lessons for during sales training. This works for Gmail. If you have [...]

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How to Help Predict Burnout and Hopefully Avoid It

My newest favorite book on sales and leadership is "The Score Takes Care of Itself" by Bill Walsh. So much practical advice and fun stories.One of my favorite parts was when he addressed burning out. What it meant for him to burn out. What it meant for his friends who were also NFL coaches who felt burned out.He really helped to "define the grind" better than anything else I've ever read.Your Broken Internal ScoreboardNegative points (-1, -3, -7) for any loss.Zero points for a win. Zero, nada, zippo.Clearly this means you will never reach any level of positivity, EVER. And over time this is what can contribute heavily to burnout. Remember, even the greatest can [...]

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