What it really means to be a special snowflake

Whether you are a #millennial that grew up with loving parents encouraging every moment or a #GenXer like me who grew up as a latch-key kid and a part of the "slacker" generation, it doesn't really matter. There is -- and always will be -- a certain level of selfishness that is required to be successful and happy. But there is another part too. It's the selfless part of you. What I have recently learned through reading a few books and engaging in mediation is so easy to understand, yet it seems to escape many of us due to the "hustling" and "side-gigging" we are focusing on. Specifically, it's not about all my use cases, [...]

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9 Steps To Hack Your Interview Process & Score More Job Offers

My wife thinks I’m crazy for saying this, but I love the sales job interview process. And no, I don’t mean interviewing candidates, I mean interviewing as a candidate. I love it so much that a close friend, Scott Leese, SVP of Sales at Qualia Labs, and I often joke about how if we could make money just by landing job interviews, we would do it full time. Landing, and of course, nailing job interviews is an invaluable life skill, and if you’ve ever had to wade through the job market, you probably know that your single greatest point of leverage is securing multiple job offers simultaneously. This puts pressure on employers to take you [...]

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What I Learned About Sales While Swimming With a Shark

Last week I had the fortunate experience of not only attending but also being the emcee at TopOpps’ Drive Conference in NYC. Aside from the great panels and guests and getting some words of wisdom from Aaron Ross was the Keynote delivered by Mr. Wonderful himself, Kevin O’Leary of Shark Tank. Having Kevin O’Leary give a presentation to sales people is about as good as it gets. In fact he even says it himself. (See tweet below) Now before you start thinking “I bet he tweets that before every speech”. I did my research. I went back and read every tweet Mr. Wonderful has sent since February and he makes no other claim. There were several [...]

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Managing Millennials, why you suck at it!

The problem is not them, it’s you! Having built, trained and consulted with 20 different sales teams and hundreds of inside sales and outside sales people throughout my career. One of the biggest challenges my clients bring to me surrounds the hiring, training, and retention of first time sales people. In many cases they are referred to as “managing millennials”. Additionally when my clients bring it up it includes an “eye-roll” and tone of voice indicating a negative connotation. Boomers and Gen-X Complain About Managing Millennials There are tons of articles about “why” Millennials feel entitled. They have been coddled, spoiled, and given participation trophies out the wazoo. What I do not see enough of [...]

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