Success equals accountability

Just had a great pre-SKO meeting with the sales management team from a successful start-up. One of the topics that came up was holding sales reps accountable. Whether you manage SDR teams, Inside Sales Teams, Customer Success, or Field Sales Teams this is one of the most important topics in sales management. Truthfully, it's equally important in all aspects of business leadership. And ultimately if you want to be successful at anything in life, in any career, being accountable will be the most determining factor. So we decided to discuss, "how to make sales reps more accountable"? For me, as a Gen-Xer, one of the most insightful parts of this conversation was the fact this [...]

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What it really means to be a special snowflake

Whether you are a #millennial that grew up with loving parents encouraging every moment or a #GenXer like me who grew up as a latch-key kid and a part of the "slacker" generation, it doesn't really matter. There is -- and always will be -- a certain level of selfishness that is required to be successful and happy. But there is another part too. It's the selfless part of you. What I have recently learned through reading a few books and engaging in mediation is so easy to understand, yet it seems to escape many of us due to the "hustling" and "side-gigging" we are focusing on. Specifically, it's not about all my use cases, [...]

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Women in Sales – The XX Factor with Pia Heilmann

With so much talk about millennials in the world these days we decided we wanted to focus a few of our Women In Sales – The XX Factor posts on this generation as well. Our last post, with Jenna Cronin from VorsightBP was one of our most widely read! Thank you everyone! For this post we reached out to Pia Heilmann. We met Pia several years ago and had the pleasure of hiring her on the Mashery SDR / Inside Sales Team in Boston. When Jim McDonough and I interviewed her we knew there was something special and we were both very excited when she accepted the offer. Pia came in with great energy and [...]

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