What Makes a Good Sales Kickoff?

It’s that time of year. That time when everything you’ve been planning for either happens or it doesn’t. And on top of that, it’s time to start planning for next year, which for many businesses means planning a sales kickoff event (SKO).   […]


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Top 3 Sales Problems To Watch Out For in 2016

AES CAN’T UPSELL THERE ARE NO GOOD SALES MANAGERS AND SDRs ARE A GATEWAY DRUG Given our experienc in working with start-ups and inside sales teams, we were recently asked by Brisk.io to do a couple of blog posts. This one was originally posted on their blog site butwe  wanted to post here for our readers as well in case you haven’t yet heard of Brisk.io (Check them out though, awesome value prop!) Richard Harris has been training salespeople for a long time via his consultancy The Harris Consulting Group. He’s also The Director of Sales Training and Consulting Services at Sales Hacker. Harris sees the same sales problems come up again and again, especially in early stage [...]

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Real Unicorns Do It Better, Faster, and Cheaper

Describing startups with billion dollar valuations as “Unicorns” is getting to be a tired practice. Frankly, it’s outlasted the original novelty of the term. Which is why we at The Harris Consulting Group have decided to reclaim the word and apply it to something more meaningful and useful. In mythology, a unicorn is a rare, horse-like creature with a single horn sticking out of its forehead. Stories give that horn magical powers and in many cases, people think the unicorns even bleed rainbow colors. But how does this relate to business? […]


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KPI: Keys To Success – Guest Post for LevelEleven

The sales process is fluid system and it is often a hypothesis that is tested and reevaluated.  However, the growth of a company cannot be left to chance and it is therefore essential to establish Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).  By establishing accurate KPIs a company can accurately analyze if they are heading in the correct direction. The term KPI is often mixed up with Metrics and ROI.  For a refresher on the difference between a KPI and metrics check out KPI VS Metrics. Recently, The Harris Consulting Group was asked by Level Eleven to help define the top 5 Sales KPI Rules.  In this article we break down the mystery surrounding KPIs and help establish [...]

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