Stop calling it a sales playbook. It’s a sales cookbook!

Sports analogies are to sales as urinal troughs are to baseball. They go hand in hand, glove on hand because a baseball game is straightforward. A basketball game is simple. Team A competes against team B. Whoever scores the most points wins. Is it a sales playbook or a cookbook? We compare inside sales to sports because we want sales to be as straightforward as a sports game, with a defined “winner and loser.” It’s easier for us to think of selling as a game, and selling strategies as plays in a playbook. But inside sales isn’t a sport, and treating it as such won’t get you very far in today’s sales climate, because [...]

What Makes a Good Sales Kickoff?

It’s that time of year. That time when everything you’ve been planning for either happens or it doesn’t. And on top of that, it’s time to start planning for next year, which for many businesses means planning a sales kickoff event (SKO).   […]


Efficiency vs. Effectiveness: The Value of Sales Training in Inside Sales

Webster’s Dictionary defines Efficiency as… Oh wait, this isn’t a graduation speech. It’s a wake-up call. Something the sales industry is in dire need of. See, in the past few years, sales organizations, have started to heed what those of us in inside sales have been saying for over a decade: THERE MUST BE A BETTER WAY! […]


Why Your Customer Success Team Needs Real Sales Training

Generally speaking, the workflow of a successful sales operation looks something like this: The Sales Development Representative (SDR) qualifies a lead and passes it to a salesperson. The salesperson contacts the lead and wins their business, then passes the new customer to the Customer Success Team. A Customer Success Representative (CSR) helps the customer with installation, support, maintenance, and increases the likelihood for long-term customer success. […]