In Sales we’ll look at the buyers’ journey and sellers journey to form a complete sales process or transaction.

Success equals accountability

Just had a great pre-SKO meeting with the sales management team from a successful start-up. One of the topics that came up was holding sales reps accountable. Whether you manage SDR teams, Inside Sales Teams, Customer Success, or Field Sales Teams this is one of the most important topics in sales management. Truthfully, it's equally important in all aspects of business leadership. And ultimately if you want to be successful at anything in life, in any career, being accountable will be the most determining factor. So we decided to discuss, "how to make sales reps more accountable"? For me, as a Gen-Xer, one of the most insightful parts of this conversation was the fact this [...]

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Sales is a science, not an art

A lot of people may and probably will disagree with me, which is fine, I think it's a healthy debate. It used to be, and in some circles still is, that the sales reps are known for having "the gift for gab", being a "conversational Cyrano de Bergerac", or a "connoisseur of conversation", whatever. But ultimately that "art" is 100% rooted in science. That science is called psychology or psychiatry. How people make decisions is not an art, it's a psychology that has been talked about for decades. Understanding the science of human behavior and decision making is what's behind this artificial art form people call sales. Whether we are inside sales reps, field reps [...]

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How to conduct cold outreach on #LinkedIn, even when you don’t know them

I work with a lot of sales teams, especially inside sales teams, and very often people early in their sales careers. One of the most common questions I get is how do I approach someone on LinkedIn who I know would be a great fit for our service? So here is what I tell everyone. And by all means if you have data to support something different please share in the comments below, I'd love to learn from others as I am sure others would love to hear your approach as well. It's not a best practice to request a meeting in an invite request. It's not a best practice to request a meeting in [...]

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The Best Sales Teams Are Built Upon The 5 Cs

What should you look for in a sales candidate? How do you find the best inside sales or sdr candidates? This is a topic we often see addressed in articles, and yet those discussions never seem to touch on improving your interview skills as a sales rep. Instead, separate articles are dedicated to that topic.  […]

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