In Sales we’ll look at the buyers’ journey and sellers journey to form a complete sales process or transaction.

Sales Slump Buster Tips

Zero, nada, a big fat donut. That was my October this year. October 2019 marks the first month in 4 years that I was not on a plane to see a client and did not have a client locally. So, I am going to do what most in sales are afraid to do. I am going to talk about it. Impostor syndrome is real, no matter who you are or how long you have been doing it. Here is how I handled it. First I looked at what's been happening in the last few months and found the things that changed. 1) A website lead form malfunction that occurred over the summer which slowed the [...]

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Top 10 Reasons Ways to Justify the Spiff for Coming to Surf and Sales

10. This is NOT a drunken bro-fest. Happy to have many folks share their experiences with you. 9. It's the last month of the calendar year and perhaps your quarter and you need something better than normal spiffs and contests. 8. It will help with retention, and let's face it you need help in that department, no matter what false belief system you've created. 7. The amount of money you lose in your best employees leaving in early 2020 is way more than the cost of this spiff. 6. You get it, you understand that having an experiential competition will motivate your team and in fact sending 2 people is better than one because it [...]

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Handling “Call me back next year”

Answer to the dreaded "Call me back next year." objection. The following are a few different options you can use. So be sure to think it through. 1) Sometimes people say "call me back in January and they really want me to call them. Other times they are just being polite and really don't want me to call back. So I don't waste your time in the future, can you let me know which one it is so I can move forward appropriately? 2) Great, let's do something on Jan ___, how does 10am work for you? 3) Great, happy to call you back then, does this mean what we do is going to be [...]

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What to expect when budgeting for a sales stack

One of the most common questions around supporting inside sales, field sales, or enterprise sales teams is, “How much should I budget for the sales stack?” Here are some thoughts in no particular order. Be sure you define your stack specifically based on what your desired outcomes for each tool will be. Be sure to reference (First post) on how to choose the right tools. Don’t let executives "blame" the sales team for being expensive. My response is simply "no S--- sherlock, ain't nothin free" and so is engineering (especially in the Bay Area) But since we can't really say that out loud here is how I would try to couch it. Pre-Communication Tools & [...]

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