Sales Kickoff Strategies

Richard Harris has been awarded AA-ISP’s TOP 25 Most Influential Inside Sales Professionals in 2015-2019 & The 40 Most Inspiring Leaders In Sales Lead Management.

Sales Kickoff and Training Options

Sales Training Overview

Empower your sales team to top potential with award-winning training that works immediately and sticks long after the event is over

Highlights include:

  • “Laptop Closed & Phones Away” sessions unless there is specific exercise requiring computers.
  • Team Engagement – NOT a boring lecture!
  • Customized to your sales process and sales cycles using the words, language, terms, challenges, and solutions that your sales teams use on a daily basis when speaking with your suspects, prospects, and customers.
  • Real-Play and Role-Play Scenarios throughout the session.
  • Sales Training is designed to engage sales representatives based on their unique learning styles via auditory, visual, or kinesthetic stimulation. The Harris Consulting Group helps reps understand and better execute by understanding the psychology of the buyer, earn the right to ask questions, and then execute according to their roles in the sales process.

Company-Wide Sales Training

  • Crossing The Line: Setting & Achieving Goals
    (Offered as 90-minute session)

SDR / Prospecting Training

  • N.E.A.T. Selling™
  • How People Make Decisions
  • Social Prospecting vs. Social Selling
  • Earning The Right to Ask for the Appointment
  • Targeted Messaging: Mapping Pains to Prospects,
  • Email, Voicemail, and Live Pick-Up Techniques
  • 1st Meeting Etiquette
  • Perfecting the SDR to AE Handoff

AE Sales Training:

  1. N.E.A.T. Selling™
  2. How People Make Decisions
  3. Navigating the Buyers Journey in 21st Century
  4. Earn The Right To Ask Questions
  5. Qualification, Discovery and Objection Handling Strategies
    1. Active Listening
    2. Respect Contract
    3. The Real Value of Open and Closed-Ended Questions
    4. Question Behind The Question
    5. Uncovering Pain Through Multiple Choice
    6. Psychological Mirroring
    7. Empathetic Labeling


Richard Harris

Founder of The Harris Consulting Group

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What Client’s Say

We’ve seen a 15% increase in pipeline growth since implementing your training.
Brooke B. Director of Sales –
During Richard’s first day of training we secured a CEO meeting that led to our largest 6-figured deal in the history of the company.
Jeff E. CEO – Spanning (an EMC Company)
Your training reminded me that everyone in the organization is selling, not just sales.
Ted S. CFO –