Why The Difference Is Essential

It is essential for any business to have a sales process that is defined and scalable.  The first step is understanding the difference between Sales Process & Methodology.

The Harris Consulting Group understand the pains of effectively scaling the sales process. Through an accurate assessment of the process and methodology it is possible for both large and small businesses to develop precise formulas of success.

Sales Process


The Sales Process

The measurable, consistent, and systematic series of steps that map out and track interaction with prospects from their first point of engagement through the closing of an opportunity.

Sales Methodology


The Skill Set of Selling

The learned behaviors, tactics, and strategies used by a sales team to execute and fulfill the sales process in a professional and conversation manner.

We Help Our Clients:

The Harris Consulting Group: Define Your Sales Process & Methodology

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Our clients like us because we:

  • Create your initial sales process hypothesis.
  • Define your process to ensure long term predictable revenue.
  • Can audit your current Sales Process Audit to determine if your process matches your sales conversations.
  • Train to integrate the sales process and methodology into the DNA of the sales team and organization.
  • Train around the sales process and methodology so it can easily be used on a daily basis.