Sales Training Philosophy

“Can you show us how to build or scale a sales organization successfully?”
“What makes one sales team so much better than another?”
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The 4-P’s of Sales:

At The Harris Consulting Group we took a long hard look at the most common sales training questions and determined that successfully scaled sales organizations are built upon four simple tenants.

We call them The 4-P’s of Sales:





From this simple philosophy we are able to provide a holistic approach to sales training. This approach allows us to easily customize the services and sales training to meet your specific needs based on:

Your Uniqueness:

The uniqueness that is your organization. While sales challenges may be similar. The uniqueness of each organization is what matters most. We work with you to make sure your sales reps have real world sales skills tailored to meet your specific sales process.

Interactive Role-Playing:

We believe people learn from doing, not just listening to a lecture. Each training module is designed to integrate your real world selling conversations so you can feel confident the training will work based on your business model, not a theoretical one.

By understanding your uniqueness we can custom build sales training that meets your goals and requirements based on the different roles in your sales organization such as: BDR, Demand Generation, Lead Generation Sales Teams, Inside Sales Teams, Mid-Market Sales Teams, Enterprise Sales Teams.

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Methodology: Built for Scale

It is simple, we want our sales training to provide your team with improved results from day one. We focus our training to utilize best practices as associated with The 4-P’s of Sales and someone’s specific role in the sales process.

As you might suspect, depending on your organization’s stage and growth trajectory, the priorities within The 4-P’s of Sales will change over time. This is why our sales training is customized to your organization and providing the foundations to build for scale.

What Client’s Say

We’ve seen a 15% increase in pipeline growth since implementing your training.
Brooke B. Director of Sales –
During Richard’s first day of training we secured a CEO meeting that led to our largest 6-figured deal in the history of the company.
Jeff E. CEO – Spanning (an EMC Company)
Your training reminded me that everyone in the organization is selling, not just sales.
Ted S. CFO –

Why Our Clients Choose Us

  • Sales team training designed to “get you there” faster
  • Real world sales techniques that improve your close ratio
  • Experience building Saas lead gen, inside, & field sales teams
  • Immediate sales funnel impact

Process Implementation

Step 1: Initial Interest

Goal: Create a frame of reference for each party to see if there is a good fit and if deeper discussions make sense.

Topics include:

1. Past – Where did things begin?

2. Present – What is instigating this initial conversation?

3. Future – What does a successful sales org look and sound like?

4. Commercial Terms

5. Determine if next steps make sense

Exit Criteria: All parties agree that additional discussions would be worthwhile.

Step 2: Assessment and/or Scoping:

1.  Have a direct conversation and uncover current challenges and potential solutions.

2.  Sales Strategies & Tools: CRM, Dialer, Motivation, Research, etc.

3.  May include additional team members.

4.  Define a successful outcome.

Exit Criteria: Both confirm everyone is on the same page with the right end goals in mind.

Step 3: Confirmation & Preparation

1.  Finalize deliverables, time frame, and commercial terms

2.  Go / No Go Decision

3.  Contract signed

Exit Criteria: Final confirmation by both parties with signed contract.

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