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5 Week  N.E.A.T. Selling™ Training & Reinforcement Program

Grow revenue through proven qualification, discovery, and prospecting tactics customized for your buyers' journey.

Trusted by companies of all sizes including:

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What Can This Do For Your Team?

Retain More


Weekly sales coaching sessions with sales team and sales managers prevents "The Forgetting Curve".

Build & Increase


With customized sales training, you'll see improvements from Day 1 across your entire sales org and start increasing pipeline.

Sales training that is guaranteed to help you and your team start closing more business (and retain it).

Close More


We'll teach your team how to get more net-new revenue and ensure it increases over time.

Increase Net-New

Revenue Retention


For All Teams & Market Sizes

For small- and medium-sized business, Mid-Market, Enterprise Sales, Upsell and Cross-Selling Training



For Inside Sales, Field Sales, Customer Success



This includes BDR and

SDR Training



For SaaS, ABM, Banking, Conversational Intelligence, Customer Success, Data Enrichment, Finance, Fintech, Manufacturing, Security, Team Management, VOIP,  Sales Enablement, Sales Engagement



Sales Training That Works

“Bought in to support the Google Cloud team. In addition to sales training, a cold calling boot camp yielded 13 meetings in under 2 hours on a Friday afternoon.”

Thiago Fantini, Enterprise Cloud Specialist

“We saw immediate and consistent implementation and impact from Richard’s training.”

Google Cloud

Greg Holmes, Head of Sales

Curriculum Include:

Sales & Customer Success Training

Earning The Right To Ask Questions

Which Questions To Ask and When

Controlling The Conversation

Better Qualification and Discovery 

N.E.A.T. Selling™

Objection Handling



Sneak peek:

Prospecting Training


Cold Calling

Live Pick Ups

Gate Keeper



Message Creation

Building The Right Outbound Approach

Objection Handling

Asking For The Meeting

SDR to AE Handoff

About Richard Harris

There's a reason companies like PandaDoc, Zoom, Google, Salesloft, Pandora, and PagerDuty trust Richard to train their teams. Simply put, it works! Don't just take our word for it.

What skills can I gain from this training?

Frequently Asked Questions

How does reinforcement training work?

How does this training work during WFH?

Improved courage and confidence by learning how to earn the right to ask questions, which questions to ask, and how to do it.

During weeks 2-5, there will be sessions with the sales leadership and with the sales team to provide coaching, reinforcement, and guidance based on what's happening in your sales conversations.

Because of our current world we've designed the sales training to take place via zoom in micro-learning sessions. The outcome of this is the ability to use immediately, that day, and greater retention to prevent the "Forgetting Curve".

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