Announcing 4 Week N.E.A.T. Selling Training and Reinforcement


Ebbinghaus’ Forgetting Curve basically states that, after 30 days, someone only retains about 20% of what they’ve learned. We’ve always focused our sales training to include coaching for managers and reps both before and after the initial training. And it’s worked. 

Then came Covid-19, and the idea of a “single day of training” has been left in the dust. 

So we started thinking, “How do we pivot? And if we pivot, how do we better support our customers? Could we address the forgetting curve?”

We interviewed sales leaders and sales reps, including VPs of Sales, Sales Managers, Inside Sales Reps, Field Sales individuals, and Customer Success. What we discovered is that people wanted a longer term solution that didn’t take reps off the phone for a whole day. So we birthed our 4 Week N.E.A.T. Selling™ Training and Reinforcement Program. It helps to grow revenue through proven qualification, discovery, and prospecting tactics customized for your buyers’ journey, along with additional coaching to implement reinforcment.

If you look at the Ebbinghaus’ Forgetting Curve, it makes sense (of course). 


Learn more about our new 4 Week N.E.A.T. Selling™ Training and Reinforcement Program here.

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