Why Is Reinforcement So Important to Sales Training?

Certificate of Completion in The Harris Consulting Group’s N.E.A.T. Selling™ Online Sales Training is an investment –– in your career, yourself, your family, and ultimately your financial success. Increase your sales by improving your skills with one of the top sales training programs in the industry. The Ebbinghaus Forgetting Curve  From 1880-1885, Hermann Ebbinghaus ran studies for his hypothesis of how humans retain information. Many people still follow and believe this today. Studies have shown that after 30 days, without reinforcement of the content being taught and learned, much of it is lost. In fact, 77% of learning is forgotten within just 6 Days if it is not reinforced! Studies have also shown that with [...]

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Announcing 5 Week N.E.A.T. Selling Training and Reinforcement

Ebbinghaus’ Forgetting Curve basically states that, after 30 days, someone only retains about 20% of what they’ve learned. We’ve always focused our sales training to include coaching for managers and reps both before and after the initial training. And it’s worked.  Then came Covid-19, and the idea of a “single day of training” has been left in the dust.  So we started thinking, “How do we pivot? And if we pivot, how do we better support our customers? Could we address the forgetting curve?".  We interviewed sales leaders and sales reps, including VPs of Sales, Sales Managers, Inside Sales Reps, Field Sales individuals, and Customer Success. What we discovered is that people wanted a longer [...]

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What Are You Doing For Your Employees?

On behalf of all the hard working parents who aren’t able to say this, "Eff-You!" Yes, that's right. If you, the company, haven't come up with something other than "hit the number", then you are doing it wrong. What's your plan? Your employees are thinking about this, but in many cases, are afraid to say something. I recently discussed how employees should negotiate their work from home expenses, but many are afraid to do that too. Ultimately, they shouldn't have to negotiate because you should have a plan in place. So, what's your plan for your hard working people who fit one of these many scenarios right now? Single WFH parents with a child(ren) in school Single [...]

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Negotiating your Work From Home Expenses

As WFH will continue to be the new normal it's important that companies and employees take a good look at what it takes to have healthy work from home policies, especially around the equipment needed. And most importantly, who is responsible for it? Whether you are in inside sales, field sales, marketing, engineering, HR, IT, this stuff matters, a lot. We believe that companies should build strong cultures, and as such, it's up to the company to provide these resources.   Now, if you are in need of a job, bills, family, rent, mortgage, etc. Then we will absolutely support that you need not negotiate too hard on these things. But if you can, don't let [...]

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