AI in Sales: Your Selfish AI Fears


We are looking at AI in sales the wrong way.

We are thinking of it as a task tool. How can it help us automate manual tasks?

And as a sales person, that’s selfish. Yet again, we put ourselves above our prospects and customers.

It’s not about how AI in sales will affect us. It’s about how AI will affect our prospects and customers. 

What do they love about the process of AI in relation to their roles, what they offer, etc.? How does it affect them in the way they think about buying things?

They have the same fears we have.

Better to marinate in that fear together than wallow in it alone. 

And that is where we can find solutions

Then, and only then, can we figure out how we can leverage it for our roles.

How are you using AI in your role today? Leave a comment or DM me and let me know!

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