Also known as BDR or MDR training, this is a very specific form of sales training that focuses on teaching sales reps, often early in their career

Reducing & Rescheduling No-Shows

One of the biggest letdowns is sales aside from losing a deal is when someone no-shows for a meeting or a demo. Aside from the lost opportunity for an opportunity, it also means the AE will have immediate dead time, may feel unmotivated, or they will just "chill" until the next thing on their calendar. It will always happen, but here are some sure-fire steps to help reduce the no-shows and then what to do when there is a no-show. Appointment Setting Process The 3 Pronged 5 Touch Appointment Setting Process SDR/BDR sends calendar invite SDR/BDR immediately sends email with "proposed agenda for demo with ____" Include all prospect parties Includes Agenda Introduction Understanding what [...]

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Why Is Reinforcement So Important to Sales Training?

Certificate of Completion in The Harris Consulting Group’s N.E.A.T. Selling™ Online Sales Training is an investment –– in your career, yourself, your family, and ultimately your financial success. Increase your sales by improving your skills with one of the top sales training programs in the industry. The Ebbinghaus Forgetting Curve  From 1880-1885, Hermann Ebbinghaus ran studies for his hypothesis of how humans retain information. Many people still follow and believe this today. Studies have shown that after 30 days, without reinforcement of the content being taught and learned, much of it is lost. In fact, 77% of learning is forgotten within just 6 Days if it is not reinforced! Studies have also shown that with [...]

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Announcing 5 Week N.E.A.T. Selling Training and Reinforcement

Ebbinghaus’ Forgetting Curve basically states that, after 30 days, someone only retains about 20% of what they’ve learned. We’ve always focused our sales training to include coaching for managers and reps both before and after the initial training. And it’s worked.  Then came Covid-19, and the idea of a “single day of training” has been left in the dust.  So we started thinking, “How do we pivot? And if we pivot, how do we better support our customers? Could we address the forgetting curve?".  We interviewed sales leaders and sales reps, including VPs of Sales, Sales Managers, Inside Sales Reps, Field Sales individuals, and Customer Success. What we discovered is that people wanted a longer [...]

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Who handles inbound leads?

This is one of the longest-running discussions I see in saas sales today. The options typically are the following although there may be some slight variances. Inbound leads go straight to AE’s Inbound leads go to the newest and most inexperienced SDRs Inbound leads go to senior and more tenured SDRs Here is what I recommend to everyone, and then adjust accordingly based on data. Inbound leads always go to senior and tenured SDRs. Inbound leads are your most precious gemstones A lot of time and money (marketing and product) has been spent driving these precious gems to you. Don’t waste that money Conversion is all that matters. Putting inexperienced reps hurts your chances for [...]

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