Also known as BDR or MDR training, this is a very specific form of sales training that focuses on teaching sales reps, often early in their career

Perfect Handoff: Best practices for the SDR to AE handoff

Inside sales has come a long way in recent years. One of the fastest growing trends in inside sales is having a team of both inbound and outbound sales development reps (SDRs) handle things at the top of the funnel. The SDR’s primary responsibility is to make sure that anyone who talks to a sales rep is actually worth everyone’s time, both the potential buyer and the seller. In short: qualifying the person.We acknowledge that the topic of what makes someone qualified and whether or not an SDR is qualifying a person or an opportunity is important. That is not, however, the purpose of this post. This post is designed to describe how the SDR [...]

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Top 3 Sales Problems To Watch Out For in 2016




Given our experienc in working with start-ups and inside sales teams, we were recently asked by to do a couple of blog posts. This one was originally posted on their blog site butwe  wanted to post here for our readers as well in case you haven’t [...]

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The Perfect SDR to AE Handoff

No matter how many companies we speak with or inside sales teams we coach one of the biggest questions we get at The Harris Consulting Group is "What are the best practices for SDR/BDR to AE lead handoff?"In fact during a recent conversation with Steve Richard of VorsightBP we were comparing notes on this subject and Steve asked if we would do a guest blog post for VorsightBP. Of course, we said yes! In reality, when somone asks this question there are actually three questions wrapped in one:How does one "physically" hand-off the lead?What criteria is required before handing off to an AE?When the lead is handed off is it still a lead, is it an opportunity or [...]

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