Emotions in Sales Drive Every Decision


Every decision is based on emotional experiences and life experiences. And it’s no different when it comes to emotions in sales.

This is why we have to “meet our customers where they are.”

Not where we think they are.

And this is why they choose you over all other options.

Let’s look at some examples of typical things we see in sales all the time that do not necessarily meet the customer where they are.


Having a logo salad and funding at the front of the deck. Have you ever NOT had your logo salad at the front and someone stopped you to ask, “Hey wait, can you show me your logos and who your VCs are?”


Asking throughout the demo, “Does that make sense?”.

Buzzword Bingo

Think “Strategic Advantage”, “Operational Efficiency”, etc. Buzzwords are like jokes. If you have to explain them then they are the wrong words to use. Give the definition, not the jargon.

Now, if you are agreeing with me on this, then my statement must be true. It’s about emotional experiences and life experiences that help them choose you.

If you disagree, go ahead and comment, DM me, or schedule a chat. Let’s have some fun and engage (professionally). I always like having people push back on my thoughts.

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