How to Expand Your Sales Capabilities


“What’s the one thing I could have done better?”

This simple question will expand your sales capabilities and skills more than anything else you do. It shows you are in a growth mindset to the person(s) you are asking.

It’s a professional way to lead with vulnerability.

Here are some scenarios:

  1. Sales Leadership in your 1:1: Ask each rep to share one thing you could do better.
  2. Sales Reps: Ask your leader what you could be doing better. Even ask a co-worker.
  3. Sales Reps: Ask your customer, even if you just won the deal, “What’s the one thing I could have done better?”
  4. Anyone: Ask your partner or kids. You’d be surprised what an amazing conversation occurs.

Whether I am a guest on a podcast or webinar, or they someone else is a guest on one of mine, I always want to know what is one thing I can do better.

And for the sales leaders, I encourage you to ask this question to your team. It will absolutely change the culture and candor of your sales machine.

So, I’ll leave you with one simple question. What is the one thing YOU could be doing better today?

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